Wedding Obsession: Part 1 (and other stuff)

Ever since January when we finally set a date for our wedding I have been totally OBSESSED with every wedding blog, website, and photography website I see.  I gobble up diy tutorials and have about a million organized folders on my laptop desktop with all of the ideas and inspiration we are pulling from. Any time I see something I like I save it. This all started because one day Dan and I were discussing ideas for the wedding and he really had no idea what I was talking about, so he asked me to put together some photos and when he came home from work that night there it all was waiting for him. He was…a little overwhelmed. I am constantly asking for his opinion on each and every idea I come up with. What we have so far is a good mix of rustic, vintage and handmade. We have a list of projects and are moving right along.

And, and, and the latest news is…Dan found his suit! Yesterday! He looks super handsome in it. We finally decided on the groomsmen and bridemaids attire so soon we can work on that. I did find a really cute vintage tweed sportscoat that I’m thinking about getting for Max. Crazy excited over here!

Diy projects are: handkerchief bunting, raffia letters, lots and lot of jars and bottles for centerpeices, guestbook, cardbox, picture frames, bouttoneires, hair fascinator, ribbon wands, cake stands, favors, and lots and lots of decorations for the hutches. I will post photos as they are completed! So far we have most of the supplies. I’m about to order several hundred feathers for the bouttoneires, hair fascinator and ceremony hutch. Oh my goodness. I need more space in my apartment for all of this stuff.

Working on projects with a very curious baby-almost-toddler is not easy. He is starting to get into EVERYTHING. I have nowhere to put anything! As of yesterday he can pull himself right into the rocking chair. Climbing. CLIIMBING. It’s very cool, and a little scary! He can pull himself right up to the kitchen table, tv stand and sewing table, which means anything that’s near the edge is up for grabs. He also started waving ‘bye’! Little Man is growing too fast for his own good!


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