A wagon and a baguette

On Easter Sunday Max’s Grammy Hayes came over and surprised Max with a wagon! It’s an awesome two-seater Radio Flyer (ahem, room for future babies, but NOT THIS YEAR. No way, no how!). If I remember correctly, my older sister has the same one for her kids. I’m really impressed with it. It has two seats that flip up and straps to buckle in squirmy babies and toddlers who want to make their escape. Dan has already taken him for lengthy rides around our awesome neighborhood and park- he loves it! Now that the weather is beautiful I have a feeling we’re going to be using this almost daily.

On Tuesday my girls came over for a potluck. This usually turns into a total Max Show. He really hams it up for the ladies! Now that Kathryn has had her little baby Zoey (so adorable!!!!) she comes to our potlucks, too! Max tries to be affectionate but alas, doesn’t know his own strength! One of these weeks I’ll have to get a photo of the two of them. For now, here’s a photo of Max nomming on a durum stick.

1 thought on “A wagon and a baguette

  1. can’t wait to get one of these wagons!!!! hopefully patrick will be sitting up soon… doubtful.. its hard to remeber blakeslee being an infant!!!

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