3 thoughts on “Little Drummer Boy

  1. love those tables! max is soooo adorable i wish we could all hang out like the “old” days and have the babes play together and have the grill going! he looks like he’s getting really good and standing hows everything else going with him?!?!

    • We LOVE the table! It’s actually 4 tables that fit together in a big circle, but we have the pieces split up all over the apartment. My sisters gave it to him for his birthday! We’ll have to do a grilling get together this summer! And definitely the zoo! Max is standing half of the time and cruising from one object to another. I am not ready, haha.

      • its crazy isn’t it! i can’t believe the way blakeslee is walking all over the place… she flies up the stairs (with me as her shadow obviously) and climbs up on everything! i was thinking about all the grilling sessions last night when pat and I made grilled polenta and asparagus napoleons with goat cheese and bourbon carmelized onions! soooooo delish… i have already started trying to find farmer’s markets down here even though i’ve got the bug pretty early for most of them lol

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