Weekly Meal Plan

Ever since the introduction of the weekly meal plan around here, our lives have been much better, and simpler. Simple. Yes, that’s what we’re going for! No longer do I have to stare at the mismatch of pantry items in my cupboard trying to figure out what to make. Truth be told I am not all that creative in the kitchen. I try to be but it never seems to turn out quite right. It used to be that Dan would work all morning and afternoon and come home and make dinner, too. I was sensing he was getting a bit burned out on this and decided to take the reigns on dinner time. When he does make an appearance at the stove I always know its going to be something special. But when its me, you can expect it to be pretty basic stuff. Once a week I write up a meal plan and a grocery list for the following week. I look to use up things in our fridge and cupboards and try to get as many veggies and beans in as possible. We eat A LOT of beans. And veggies. We’re been really taking advantage of the bulk section at the grocery store lately. This means lots of bags and jars of rice, beans, nuts, and dried fruit everywhere. As long as I remember to soak them overnight and start boiling early in the day, these meal plans work out pretty well. Summer is coming and that means a weekly to the farmer’s market, too. I don’t have to go far since they set up right outside of my apartment building. Summer also means lots of grain salads and fresh veggie salads…lots of stuff I can whip up the night before after Max is asleep and no one has to know that I was relaxing instead of preparing the hour or two before supper.  Lately we’ve been doing the vegetarian thing, but now that the grill is getting ready for is seasonal debut we’ll be adding some meat back into the mix. We usually plan for 5 specific meals and for the other 2 nights (whichever they end up being) we have leftovers. It’s kind of a fend for yourself program.

Here’s what we’re having this week!:

  • chickpea curry with LOTS of rice
  • chicken wraps
  • bean burritos
  • stir fry with lots of veggies and rice
  • grilled cheese (with lots of greens, onions and peppers) and soup

We had chickpea curry this week, too. It’s become a staple around here. I got it from my super awesome mom friend Amy of Half Heard in the Stillness. My mom’s group put together sort of a cookbook and I have gotten some amazing recipes from that. Max loves the chickpea curry, too. Even when it’s a little on the spicy side. He’s a beast and he loves to eat. LOVES. It’s not surprising that he loves food given us as parents. What can I say? We like to eat! Have a great weekend!


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