Wedding Obsession//Invitations

I am excited to say that we are commissioning an artist from Etsy to create our custom wedding invitations. They are going to be amazingly cute! We haven’t gotten the proofs yet because she is still designing them but we were super inspired by the invitations in her shop that look like vintage rock posters! See her shop, Inviting Moments, here.

We also had a bit of an early Mother’s Day over here! Dan surprised me with pretty flowers, a card, chocolates and a chocolate mousse cake. Umm….YUM. He wrapped everything in a really pretty patterned burlap bag he bought at Whole Foods that I’ve had my eye on. Some women like designer handbags, I like burlap bags. Whatevs. The chocolates are already gone and the mousse cake is on its way! I also received a couple of cards in the mail and my mom told me that a package is coming to me. I ❤ being a mom! I sent a whole slew of gifts out to all of Max’s g-mas yesterday. Max and I worked on them this week and they came out so cute! Each one is getting their own unique item. I hope they love them!


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