After making a really awesome contact this past weekend I’ve been thinking a lot about our future plans. And we’ve been talking about them a whole lot, too! Where do I see us in 5 years? I see us owning our own home, complete with a modest yard and porch. I see us tending a small but efficient garden in that yard. I hope to have grilled dinners and hang laundry on the line. I hope we’ll spend lazy days on the front porch listening to records. In 5 years I see myself nursing a newborn or a toddler and beginning our homeschool journey. I see us going camping as a family, even if just in the backyard. I hope to have my birth and postpartum doula certification (for quite some time by then). I’m thinking of adding a few others in there as well. I hope to be networking like crazy, have a great support system and attend lots and lots of beautiful births.  I’m not sure if I see it as a final destination or a stepping stone, but I hope everything is always a stepping stone. There will always be more to learn and I welcome that with open arms.

It might not sound like much to some but it sounds perfect to me. In 5 years I will be 29 and Dan will be 32 (WHAT?!?!). Max will be 6. SIX! SIX YEARS OLD! Time is flying by before our eyes, time is of the essence, the world is our oyster, etc. With all of the wedding plans, the topic of “future” comes up a lot. It’s right there in front of us and we are going to make it great! What are your future plans?


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