Our Day in Instagrams

The weather here has been terrible all week. Today is the first time I’ve left the house in FOUR DAYS! Wow. We took a little drive to do some shopping.

It was a nice, relaxing, distracting day. Definitely much needed around here. This week I registered with Childbirth International for birth doula training. My goal is to get to the finish line (which is really just the beginning) within a year. But really, if I could do it in less time that would be better! I looked through all of the manuals, exam and assignments and I am a little intimidated but ready to do this! After this I plan to go through certfication again for post partum doula and maybe breastfeeding counselor, as well. In time.

Another distraction for me this week has been watching season 1 of Glee on Instant Netflix. Oh man. I am in love with the cheesy, over the top musical numbers. Amazing. Rachel and Miss. Pillsbury’s outfits are to die for. I want both of their on screen wardrobes. I am seriously addicted to this show now. Anyway, I’m off. We’re going to our friend Todd’s college graduation party tomorrow and Sunday night I’ll be working! Yippee!


One thought on “Our Day in Instagrams

  1. a) so happy your enrolling in the birth doula program! best of luck, i couldn’t think of a better person to take on that role! so exciting!!!
    b) i love me some cheeeeeeeeezy glee!

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