The Rapture in Instagrams

Today was gorgeous outside for the first time in so long! Sunny and hot! Lovely! First order of business of the day: a haircut for Dan. I did a mighty fine job if I do say so myself. And I do. He’s lookin’ handsome! We started our day off at Hudson Street Market, an awesome little sandwich shop just around the corner. While we were there we discovered that today was neighborhood yard sale day on the West Side. So cool! There was a stack of maps at the sandwich shop with each planned yard sale mapped out. Such a good idea! We went to quite a few of them and ran into a few people we know along the way. It was also opening day for the Providence Kickball League right in front of our apartment but we didn’t end up having a chance to check that out.

We signed up for the Fertile Underground Community Garden. View their blog here. We met a few of the members and leaders while we were there. Everyone there is super passionate about bringing gardens to our urban areas. It’s such a good cause and it’s a win-win for everyone involved. They had a fire pit and a hammock area, as well, and even a bucket swing for the babies! One of the members comes from Africa and brought with her seeds from some plants not commonly found in the U.S. and has planted them. Very excited to see what they’re like! I admittedly do not have a green thumb but I can’t wait to learn! We’re thinking of keeping a container of compost-safe food scraps in our kitchen to bring by weekly and dump in the compost bin there.

Afterwards we headed to our good friend Todd’s parents house for his college graduation party. Fun, casual hang out time and great food. His family was so nice! Dan and I are just polishing off plates of lasagne and cheesecake that his parents sent home with us. Y-U-M. We’re back home and Max is alseep. Busy day!


One thought on “The Rapture in Instagrams

  1. Please give Todd a big graduation hug from me! I’m not at all surprised his family is nice, they raised a really great guy.

    Good luck with the garden.

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