This Time Last Year

A photo from one year ago, no words.


Wedding Obsession// Stationary Part 1

Wedding frenzy. When it gets stressful, remember to step back, take a deep breath and remember: you are marrying your partner. None of this other stuff really matters. It sure adds a nice touch, but at the end of the day, it’s the two of you sharing your life together. Magical! Cheesy? Yes. But, oh so true.

Anyway, onward…Dan’s friend and best man, the awesome Jimmy Lazer, made our save-the-date cards. They are SO COOL. Seriously, cool. Did I say that already? I LOVE them! The came out exactly as I imagined. Maybe better, even. We weren’t going to send save-the-dates. But he mentioned to Dan that it might be a good idea, considering we have out-of-town guests and the fact that it is a holiday week and many people might be considering traveling for the holiday. My hope is that they decided our wedding a going to be a bazillion times more fun (it will be, I promise) and stay for it!We are just about ready to send them out. All except maybe 5 or so that we are still missing addresses or a zip code for are finished. We went over the guest list today an finalized it pre- rsvp’s. For the most part we have it all figured out and ready to go. Yay! We have a few things left to get in order: send our readings to our Justice of the Peace, go over flowers and figure out what to do about those (no plans yet- eek!), meet with the fabulous Aimee of Aimee’s Bakin’ to go over our desserts, send a few song request/timeline type stuff to our dj and set up a meeting with the harpist. Then some more decorations. Rereading that it seems we have more than a few things to do. Better get on that.


Who doesn’t love Nutella? It’s not something we usually buy. But the other day I did buy some. And oh man, it’s good. I can’t take credit for this idea but it was damn delicious- you should try it! Open-faced nutella sandwich with raspberries. I used oatmeal bread but you can use whatever you have. The bread isn’t the important part, it’s the chocolatey-hazelnut goodness on top that counts. It was all I could do to resist going back into the kitchen to make another one. Or did I? You’ll never know.

Thrifty Finds.

Over the weekend we went to Saver’s. Thrifting is so hit or miss but this time I did find two amazing pairs of boots! I have been looking for boots like these for a couple of years now and never can find the ones I want, but this time I did. Oh yes. Not one pair, but two. TWO!!!!!! For a grand total of $11!  The shopper next to me looked disgusted when I held up my new granny boots and yelled to Dan about how awesome they were. Sorry, Stretch Pants lady, these boots rule. I cannot wait to wear them. Saturday night, I’m looking at you.

Then we decided to take silly Instagram photos modeling my new boots and the awesome tshirt I gave to Dan for Father’s Day. What did we learn from these photos? We are not models or photographers and I am not a fashion blogger. But it was fun anwyay.

Dress: Banana Republic    Jeans: Old Navy   Braided belt: Thrifted   Boots: Thrifted

Tshirt: Maiden Voyage Clothing, purchased from Etsy  Shorts: Urban Outfitters   Hat: Hurley

The fun thing about this little fashion-y post is that I am not super fashionable, Dan couldn’t care less about what he’s wearing most of the time and you can hardly see the clothing in the photos. Whatevs, still fun!


Sunday was Father’s Day and Dan’s mama took us all out to lunch to celebrate! It was deeeelicious! The restaurant had a high chair set up before we even got to our table and they brought a little plate of bread and banana slices out for Max before we ordered. I was impressed! If you have kids and have ever brought them out to eat at a restaurant you know this is rare! We had such a nice day!