Wedding Obsession// Deserts Galore!

Another photo-heavy wedding themed post! Expect a million more of these in the near future! Again, no source information, but they have been collected from various wedding blogs. I love that wedding reception dessert has launched away from the standard 3-tier cake. There’s nothing wrong with a classic, but there are so many fun alternatives showing up these days. I think the pies might be my favorite! You will definitely be seeing a version of that at our wedding, but it’s a secret! So feel special if you already know (I’m looking at you, bridesmaids!). Another trend I’m head-over-heels for right now is the dessert buffet- many different treats; cookies, cakes, pies, candies, whoopie pies, you name it! They look amazing! I feel like they would require a lot of upkeep during the reception, so it’s not for me, but man. Awesome.

Ruffled buttercream? Yes, please.

I want to dive head-first into this monstrous strawberry shortcake. Woah.

Mini-pie heaven!

I love everything about this one. Simple cake, fancy pants cake stand, and a really fun cake topper.

Cupcake/cake table! This one has a summery nautical theme.

Another big dessert table, French patisserie style. Lots of different cakes!

And the grand finale: I love everything about this dessert buffet! All kinds of treats, chalkboard signs, and bunting decorations.


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