Ice cream.

A few days ago we had beautiful weather and Dan got out of work a bit early. The stars couldn’t have been more aligned. We took a drive to Tiverton to Gray’s Ice Cream, a place Dan always talks about from his childhood. It took about 45 minutes. Kind of a long drive for ice cream but it was nice! When we got there he was disappointed to find out that there were no longer cows grazing in the small fenced pasture next to the building. The ice cream was pretty tasty! I had black raspberry (I always get this whenever I go out for a cone. Which is probably only once a year. My favorite variety is the kind with the fudge chunks in it. NOM.), Dan had pistachio and we got a little cup of chocolate for Max. He was definitely loving it! Within minutes he was covered in drippy, smeary ice cream and proceeded to wipe it all over me. Once in a sugar induced haze, he launched himself into a tantrum followed by passing out in the car on the ride home. Adventure for sure!


One thought on “Ice cream.

  1. Love that you are a black raspberry gal. It’s my mom’s favorite and you can’t get it in the south, so she always goes crazy when she visits.

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