25 things to do before I turn 25// First 5.

As a new feature here on my lovely blog, I decided to create a list of things to do before I turn 25. I have a little under a year to accomplish these things! I think the first few are going to be the biggest ones, since they were in my mind when I first came up with the idea for this. I’ll periodically update when I’ve accomplished a goal from my list or am working on it, and definitely on the remaining 20 things! Thanks for reading! If you’re feeling inspired, please post here some of the things on your yearly list or a link to where we can find them!

Learn to use my sewing machine. I’ve had it for a year now and it just sits there taunting me on its little (cluttered) table. I have all sorts of notions and fabric- everything I need. I have quite a few sewing books. I love the fantasy of it but my machine intimidates me! I did make a dress that I really like a wear all the time. It’s a little off in a few places and could stand to be fixed a bit, but I love it anyway. I also have a nearly half done quilt that has been in the works for longer than I’d care to elaborate on.

Bake a cake from scratch. I’ve done this before, but it’s been awhile. My kitchen skills are not the best. Usually things turn out overdone/underdone/dry/liquidy/hard as a rock/burnt/etc. I have a few specific recipes in mind. Vanilla meringue with lemon curd ice cream? Yes, why, I’d love to! Just waiting for the perfect occasion to make them!

Lose 30 pounds. This might seem like a stretch. I currently weigh 155 and at 5’4″ I am technically considered overweight as far as my percentage of body fat goes. I could lie and say it’s just about being healthy and not about physical appearance, but I won’t. It definitely IS about health AND physical appearance. Not for anyone else, but for myself. As shallow as it might sound, I think everyone feels confident when they’re happy with the way they look, and I could stand to gain some of that! Yes, I had a baby. I don’t view my stretch marks  and extra tummy/thigh/breast/upper arm/under chin weight as “battle scars” or some sort of accomplishment since having my baby as some do. I think it’s great that people have that mindset, I am just not that person!  While I do appreciate and am in awe of what my body is capable of (growing a baby, birthing a baby, nourishing a baby outside of the womb) I still want to feel and look like me, and right now I just don’t, but I’m getting there! I’ve made it a goal to get outside with Max in the jogging stroller every morning. Today was the first official day with exercise in mind. I hardly ever get outside and exercise hasn’t happen in YEARS. By the time I finished running I was fully aware of how out of shape I am. Here we go! This is going to be an interesting and long journey of hard work! I am looking forward to being more comfortable in my body and to having more energy!

Get married! I have to admit that before meeting my husband-to-be I didn’t think I would get married or have kids. It just wasn’t on my list of things to do. Dan and I casually talked about it (CAN you casually talk about getting married?) when we first started seriously dating. Actually. Dan talked about it. I freaked out! I was floored that someone would want to marry me but a little nervous, too! So here we are, a baby and engaged! I’m so excited for November! It’s going to be perfectly us!

Witness a live birth and support a birthing mother. If you know me, you know I am very interested and passionate about birth. Not the births you see in the mainstream media. The real deal. I believe that a laboring and birthing woman is the epitome of beauty in this world. It is flat out incredible! To be a witness to something so profound and life changing is such a privilege, such an honor. I am working towards doula certification and I hope to be able to do this soon!


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