25 things to do before 25// Second 5

See a movie in a movie theater with Dan. This sounds simple but it isn’t! The last time we went to a movie together I was about 8 months pregnant with Max and we saw Avatar 3-D at the IMAX theater. Kind of awhile ago, I’d say! We’ve both been with friends a couple of times since but not together! We are thinking about going to the drive-in one of these nights with Max in his carseat in the backseat. We will do this with the hopes that Max will fall asleep back there. In all likelihood he might actually stay up crying the whole time, but we’ll take our chances! Okay, so it’s not a one-on-one date, but I’ll still count it if it happens!

Get my hair cut at a salon. I have been cutting my own hair for years now (usually not a good idea in my case but for some reason I still go back for more…), with the exception of when I wanted it chopped off completely and I went to a professional. The stylist was horrified that I would want to chop my then-platinum blonde Betty Page-inspired hair (the cut not the color) off. I loved it for awhile, I felt like Peter Pan with this do. I was also about 30 pounds lighter. This was in 2008! Not that long ago, eh?  Then the dreaded growing out stage happened. I’ve done some fun and some not so fun things to this head of mine. I wish I’d chronicled all of it. Next time. And there WILL be a next time. I’ve been growing it out forever and before our wedding I want to have it cut into long layers. Here’s what it looked like all short:

Make an article of clothing. This could also and will most definitely involve altering, not starting from scratch. I prefer to use recycled fabric for many reasons but I think the biggest one is that I like to be able to look at something thrifted and possibly junky and see the potential in it. This doesn’t happen often. The last clothing item I made was a dress when Max was about 3 months old. I wear it all the time. As in, every week. At least once. I have plans. Oh yes.

Cook breakfast for my family. Unless it’s a bowl of cereal , count me out! I don’t even bother with instant oatmeal because we don’t have a microwave and I am too lazy to cook it on the stovetop. But I will do this! Pancake City, here I come!

Make a scrapbook for Max’s first year. I have ton of photos (mostly on our computer/shutterfly storage) and lots of little things to go in them. None of it is in an organized spot, but it will be! I think now that he is almost a year and a half old it’s time I took care of this!

There it is! I’m up to 10 things now! I haven’t really gotten to any of them yet, not really, anyway. An update on the working out dealio is that Wednesday I am finally signing up at the gym. I seem to have every excuse to stall every time this comes up. But no longer. Workout buddies, inquire within!


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