Thrifty Finds.

Over the weekend we went to Saver’s. Thrifting is so hit or miss but this time I did find two amazing pairs of boots! I have been looking for boots like these for a couple of years now and never can find the ones I want, but this time I did. Oh yes. Not one pair, but two. TWO!!!!!! For a grand total of $11!  The shopper next to me looked disgusted when I held up my new granny boots and yelled to Dan about how awesome they were. Sorry, Stretch Pants lady, these boots rule. I cannot wait to wear them. Saturday night, I’m looking at you.

Then we decided to take silly Instagram photos modeling my new boots and the awesome tshirt I gave to Dan for Father’s Day. What did we learn from these photos? We are not models or photographers and I am not a fashion blogger. But it was fun anwyay.

Dress: Banana Republic    Jeans: Old Navy   Braided belt: Thrifted   Boots: Thrifted

Tshirt: Maiden Voyage Clothing, purchased from Etsy  Shorts: Urban Outfitters   Hat: Hurley

The fun thing about this little fashion-y post is that I am not super fashionable, Dan couldn’t care less about what he’s wearing most of the time and you can hardly see the clothing in the photos. Whatevs, still fun!


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