Sunny Day.

On Wednesday afternoon we met with the lovely ladies of M. Studios Photography for our engagement photo session/family portraits. I was REALLY nervous before we got there. I am pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera and I didn’t know how my anxiety levels would make it through the experience. I also didn’t know how Max would deal with all of it. As it turned out, it was not uncomfortable at all and was actually really fun! Max got a little bit bothered at some points but for the most part he was hysterically happy! He really loved hamming it up for the camera. One of the photographers, Melissa, brought with her a bubble gun and Max LOVED the bubbles. It was the perfect distraction! The weather was perfect and we had a great time! We are so excited and can’t wait to see our photos! I know working with them at our wedding is going to be an easygoing, fun experience, too. While we waited for them (for like 5 minutes, we were early!) we took some Instagram photos. I can’t get enough of that iPhone app. Seriously. It’s a dream. Love, love, love it!


On the mend.

Last week we brought Max to his pediatrician and found out he had an ear infection and slight conjunctivitis. Since getting some medicine he’s already sleeping and napping so much better. Now that he isn’t uncomfortable he is in a much better mood and a lot happier! Also, he loves making faces at the camera.

Four Songs I Love// Wedding Obsession

Today, two of my weekly features come together! Yay! The dj we hired for our wedding reception is an awesome local musician and he has a great collection of “solid gold oldies.” When we met with him to go over stuff he said that he really has tons of music and promised not to play anything cheesy, but to still play things everyone will generally love. He told us to put a list together of specific songs/times we want them played (such as our entrance, father/bride dance, mother/groom dance, cake cutting, or anything else we want). We haven’t worked out all of the details but here are a few songs we definitely want to dance to. I’ve included an extra song this week, just couldn’t resist!

Wedding Obsession// Boutonnière DIY

During my week and a half of being sick, I was pretty much out of commission for doing anything that didn’t involve lounging around my living room. Despite having a very fussy (but SO cute!), teething baby to chase around and take care of, it still got pretty boring being stuck in the house for so long. Dan and I were discussing some wedding stuff and I made a comment about how it is less than 4 months away. Dan was sort of in disbelief at first and then immediately suggested we get to work on some projects. We made the skeleton base for the “E” rafia project that goes with the “D” we already made. And and and…we made all of the boutonnières! There’s one for Dan, one for each of the three groomsmen, and one for my dad. They look amazing! it was a super easy and inexpensive project and I’m glad we have another one crossed off the list! Corsages are next!

There are tons of super simple boutonniere tutorials all over the web. I loosely followed this one from A Beautiful Mess. Happy crafting!

Mama and Max.

Sometimes when everyone is having a rough day, the best thing you can do is pretend your baby is King Kong and fly him around your apartment crushing “buildings” and then follow it up with a tickle fest. I swear it works. I have the photos to prove it.

Another tip is to use Instagram or another old-school Iphone photo editor. No matter how little sleep you are running on or how previously frazzled you were, you will look fabulously radiant. Right? RIGHT?