Three Songs I Love// High School Edition

I decided to take a trip down memory lane. A lot of things have been bringing me back to my childhood and teenage years lately and I’ve found that a few people that were in some (even small) part of my life back then have resurfaced in this city. Maybe they were here all along and I just didn’t notice. It’s kind of good in a way, to see how everyone has grown. But also, a little strange, too, like my own personal twilight zone. I listened to some pretty awful music back then, but there were a few good ones in the mix that I have hung onto and can honestly say I still love, like friends who are always by your side, through thick and thin. Here are 3 bands I rocked out to all alone in my bedroom for hours on end!

I could have posted a million more, but it was getting out of hand so I kept it to my usual three. I did come across some I haven’t given a listen to in years- that was weird. But good. Enjoy!


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