This week did not go at all as planned! Does it ever? Sunday our car mysteriously wouldn’t start…but now is running fine. Monday Dan suddenly came down with a fever, chills, aches, etc. It cleared up with lots of sleep and rest in about a day. We were originally going to have a cake tasting that night to pick out our wedding dessert but we didn’t end up doing that- have to reschedule! Tuesday night I came down with whatever Dan had and I am still battling it. Dan made me a delicious fresh veggie juice concoction yesterday that I have been sipping on all day. Lots of nutrients and feel better stuff in there. Wednesday was originally going to be our engagement/family portrait shoot but we had to cancel on that as well. We rescheduled for the end of the month! Max also has a molar making its way slowly and painfully through his gums. What does this all mean? A much slower pace. Lots and lots of water. Sleep (when it can be had) and our Netflix Instant Queue. I love technology.

Tuesday (pre-sickness for me) I did get together with my ladies at my apartment. Alison cooked us all dinner. It was awesome. Then they all cleaned up. I love them! I really needed the social time! And I’m glad we were able to do that because little did I know at the time, I would be house-bound for the remainder of the week!


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