Three Songs I Love// Labor Edition

When I was about a week past my estimated due date with Maxwell, I decided to make a playlist on our ipod for while I was in labor. I don’t have the official list anymore but I do remember a couple of the songs that were on it. I specifically remember where I was when I listened to each in our bedroom during labor. So much was to come! I remember laying in our bed on my right side, surrounded by pillows, rocking back and forth inside and out of my own head. It was difficult and it was incredible!

She looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing.

Yes, my skin is clear and you can see what I’m thinking. I’m thinking hard about all the things I’ve been dreaming. I’ve been dreaming about you, and only you.

I’ll be rootin’ for you like my favorite team. If somebody sweats you, you just point ’em out to me.


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