Growing and learning.

Max has been up to a few new things lately, so I thought I should probably record them here before I forget!

Climbing. That’s right! Still no solo-walking adventures, but he can climb onto our bed and (sometimes) onto the couch. For the most part he’s pretty good at it! He has also figured out that he need to sort of glide his feet to the edge of the bed or couch and slide off when he wants to get down.


Sticking his tongue out! He will usually only do this if someone else does it first, then he will mimic.

And and and…

Talking on the “phone.” This “phone” I speak of could be any number of objects. It could be a toothbrush, a shoe, or an actual toy phone. He holds it up to his ear and thinks its hysterical to hold it out for someone else to put to their ear as well. We also decided to keep a no-spill sippy cup around instead of going right to a cup. It makes it a bit easier to always have water around for him to drink when he wants it and works super well in the car. We’ve tried out a few different kinds and found one that he seems to really like to use.

I feel like there are a few more things but I can’t think of them right now! I’ll post them when I remember!


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