Wedding Obsession// Boutonnière DIY

During my week and a half of being sick, I was pretty much out of commission for doing anything that didn’t involve lounging around my living room. Despite having a very fussy (but SO cute!), teething baby to chase around and take care of, it still got pretty boring being stuck in the house for so long. Dan and I were discussing some wedding stuff and I made a comment about how it is less than 4 months away. Dan was sort of in disbelief at first and then immediately suggested we get to work on some projects. We made the skeleton base for the “E” rafia project that goes with the “D” we already made. And and and…we made all of the boutonnières! There’s one for Dan, one for each of the three groomsmen, and one for my dad. They look amazing! it was a super easy and inexpensive project and I’m glad we have another one crossed off the list! Corsages are next!

There are tons of super simple boutonniere tutorials all over the web. I loosely followed this one from A Beautiful Mess. Happy crafting!


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