I’m back from vacation! I have a whole lot of photos- Instagrams, mostly, but some regulah’ ones- to upload, sort and figure into blog posts, buuuut for now, here is a really post where I brag about something I bought. I know how lame that sounds, and when you read/see what they are you are going to think this is even more lame BUT but but but! They are so cool! Before I went to Maine I ordered these awesome thick cotton tights. They arrived the day before we left for our trip. Today was a chilly day and we went to register for wedding gifts (more on that another time!) and I got the chance to wear them.

Swoon! I love both of them! Sadly, the pink/gray pair already have a run in them. Even though they seem super durable. I tend to ruin things pretty soon after acquiring them. “This is why we can’t have nice things!” Speaking of not being able to have nice things, we never got a lens protector for our Nikon because we’re irresponsible and evidently we don’t take care of our big purchase items (or small ones…erm…). Needless to say, the lens is total smudged and I think there is somehow a small gouge in it. We also lost the lens cap while in Maine. And the rim around the lens is cracked. This is totally sad but true. We would like to get a nicer lens in the future. Accompanying this (someday) purchase will be a camera bag and a lens protector that I will vow to always use. Anyway. Tangent. The tights came from We Love Colors. I got a really good deal on them when they were having a sale. I wish I could buy all of there pretty, bright colors! I learned of this awesome hosiery company while browsing one of my daily reads, The Dainty Squid. Her hair is absolutely worthy of worship. I love it so much! It makes me miss all of the fun I used to have with my hair. She has often used the exact shades I used. And her hair dying tips and tutorial is so right on. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “Segway.

  1. Umm don’t feel bad, when I’m home I get bored a lot and am always checking your blogs for updates, too. Ha! Sometimes you post a lot in one day and other times days go by. I love reading it!

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