Mom’s collections.

My mom has always been a collector of things and a repurposer ever since I can remember. She’s really awesome at seeing what can be made out of something that seemingly looks like junk and she puts together really beautiful displays of the things she collects. Looking through my photos from the trip I realized I didn’t take pictures of all of these collections like I planned to do. But I can mention them at least!

Oil lamps! Walking down to the basement area there is a big shelf filled with them! They are scattered all over the house but there is a nice big grouping of them above the stairs.

Lemon reamers! Otherwise known as juicers. My mom has them hung with ribbon bordering the windows above the kitchen sink. All are glass and most of them are pretty big. My favorites are the milk glass ones.

Buttermint tins! She always had these in the living room when I was growing up. They are now in her new living room above the windows.

Trivets! Bordering the kitchen is the edge of a wall where she has them hung vertically. Pretty cast iron trivets.

Snail shells! This is another collection moved from her old house. They were in the bathroom then and still are. I love how they are set up.

So many pretty things! I wish I had photos of them. I’ll get ’em next time! She always had a really great book about collecting (can’t seem to find it on Amazon). My favorite section was the one about collecting by color. I’ve started collected vintage globes for Max’s bedroom. I am also on the hunt (when I remember to be) for skulls- not real skulls and not plastic. Preferably stone, metal, paper-mache, etc. I also would like to collect little houses. Not the kind your grandma or great-aunt might have with the electric lights inside, just miniature hand made (and I mean, reaaaaallly small), houses, pendants, drawings, etc. So far I have….1…somewhere…and it is a teeeeeny tiny plastic red pendant I got out of a bag of stuff my high school ceramic teacher had from the recycle center. I want to go there so bad. Tons of art stuff and supposedly its really cheap or bought by the pound (can’t remember) but I think you have to be an art teacher to go there. If this is not true, someone please tell me! And then, ya know, pick me up and take me there.


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