I’d like to take a day to really reflect on everything I am thankful for in my life lately. Even though things get tough sometimes we always manage to pull through. There’s a hardworking, dedicated man in my life who never ceases to amaze me. Sure, we have our squabbles just like anyone else, but when it gets right down to it, there’s no one else I would rather have those squabbles with. He does so much and rarely complains. He’s an awesome papa bear to our little man and I can see how much Max loves him. The squeaky door signifying Dan’s return from work each afternoon elicits squeals of delight from Max- he immediate scoots right on over to him, huge grin…man, it’s the best! Each and every day is an adventure with Max…he is adding more and more skills to his repertoire and always seems really proud of himself when he accomplishes something. he is diligent and deliberate when learning a new skill- takes his time to master it…and I mean, really takes his time. He was officially taking his first steps around 17 months old and is getting better and better at it!  My favorite thing in the world that he does- if I had to pick one- is when he gives me a kiss while making a “mmm” sound and lays his head on my, staring up at me with a big smile. The sweetest thing EVER! I have been asked a lot if Max is sleeping through the night. Most of the time the answer is no. This used to frustrate me to no end. Cosleeping did not suit us well for the first year or so but now its actually working really well. He usually sleeps on his own until the dark hours of the early morning and winds up sleeping peacefully between us at some point around that time. Anyway. Other things. Lately I have been feeling a reconnection to the world that I felt I lost after being pregnant and becoming a new mother. I have been spending a bit of time with friends here and there and it is just enough to remind me of how lucky I am. I have some wonderful friends in my life. Beautiful, beautiful people inside and out who mean so much to me and I am so glad to know them! And family…where would we be right now without them? We have gotten so much help over the last couple of years that I really don’t know where to begin with it. I can usually always find someone willing to lend and ear and so many of them has helped us out when we have been in a bind. I appreciate each of them so much! I’m so excited to be marrying Dan in 51 days! Although we have already begun our journey as a family, I know there are lots of awesome memories ahead for us and no matter what comes up we can get through it together!



The Great Purge of 2011!

I’m super excited to be selling some of the baby items we have leftover from Max that we are no longer using. We were planning to keep everything but then I decided that it seems kind of silly to hold onto EVERY single thing. Some things, yes. We did save a lot of clothes, most of it is somewhat organized by size in plastic storage bins in the basement. We have a bunch of other stuff originally marked for donation. While I would love to help other people in need, the fact is, we donate to Saver’s and Salvation Army- places WE buy from, so why not cut out the middle man and make a few dollars along the way? We talked a bout organizing a yard sale over the summer but that kind of fell by the wayside and I feel like this whole thing is much easier. Craigslist and other sell-you-stuff groups are awesome because you can post specific items and bargain back and forth if needed without having to sit around all day while people sift through your stuff. I’m pretty sure I have a buyer for some of the cloth diapers we have. I feel like if we have another baby in the future and decide to diaper him/her in cloth (which I would like to do if possible) we can start building our stash again then. We did spend quite a bit of money on the diapers we got, because like everyone now will tell you, these diapers aren’t like the rubber pants they had when we were infants. Thinking about selling this stuff made me realize we have oodles of other stuff to get rid of and it feels great to be clearing our space a bit. It is kind of small, afterall. Another big move we will be making is to get rid of a lot of toys. A LOT. We have a small space and Max doesn’t even play with most of them. My plan is to get rid of probably about half of the ones that aren’t in as great a shape and he doesn’t play with or that we really just don’t want here, and the other half I will split up and some of it will get packed away so we can rotate it out every week- two weeks. Good plan, I think! I’m looking forward to having a winter that is not stuffy and overrun with clutter! Clutter= dust, and a lot of it. This will make spring cleaning next year a breeze!

Wedding Obsession// Countdown and pretty hair!

There are 54 more days until our wedding! Beyond excited! There are still a few things (kind of a lot but I won’t list it all here, and not to worry, its mostly little odds and ends) left to finish up. Over the weekend we worked out a lot of the details of the morning of the wedding. Since we have already embarked on the whole having-kids thing and two of my bridesmaids have kiddos, it makes for creative juggling to figure out how everyone is going to get ready, but I think I’ve figured it out! Our wedding night is also going to be Max’s first sleepover at Grammy’s. What a milestone! I remember my first sleepover at my Goofla’s. Both of my sisters and my brother were there, too. I remember having a ball! Yesterday we also finally decided on gifts for everyone in the wedding party, and the main part of my bridesmaids gifts arrived in the mail. They are exactly what I was looking for and I hope they are liked! My dress fitting is on Thursday and I am just hoping, hoping, hoping that it still fits. Seriously, my weight loss plan didn’t exactly pan out. The last few months have been a classic case of workout/diet sterotypes and it’s pretty sad to say the least. I do still want to get back on all of that. I don’t really know whats stopping me. But anyway. Here are some super pretty wedding hair ideas. I’m looking for simple, waves, and braids. And of course the fasincator I have to make. Sorry for not having the source information for these. Most of the came from Style Me Pretty and Ruffledblog as usual!

A Beautiful Mess has a really great tutorial on how to style maiden braids. I kind of half-attempted this one day but then Max wanted to play, and he’s really hard to say no to. So I stopped. I think part of me wants long hair simply to be able to have the ability to do this. The key to styling your hair, especially with braids, is to start with hair that was NOT just washed. A day or two after a wash is perfect. Your hair will have the perfect amount of oils and buildup to keep a good hold on any style. Really looking forward to experimenting with all of these styles! Bobby pin central, here I come.


A couple of weeks ago I took a Saturday off work to go to the Rocktucket festival in Pawtucket. It was pretty fun! It ended up being a beautiful day and it was nice to be able to spend it together outside. Max’s g-ma Hayes came over and spent the day with Max and gave us a little day to ourselves. There was a stage set up for bands, tons of awesome food trucks (Jake’s Sweet Meat! Poco Loco Tacos! Umm…others, too!), booths selling screen printed tshirts, records, jewelery. On the outside (it was set up like 2 separate events) there was an arts festival, too with booths of people selling there wares. It was right by the river and dam so we got to hang out over there too and it was really nice! We got to see our friends bands play and bumped into lots of cool folks. It was a good day! Instagrams, galore 🙂