Wedding Obsession// Anxiety!

There are only 80 days until our wedding. EIGHTY DAYS, PEOPLE! I am starting to go into panic mode. Did I say starting? If you know me in person then you know I have always been in panic mode. This is nothing new, oh no. But it has really kicked in lately. I’m not sure why. Although yesterday being September reminds me that we are just about into fall which means it’s just around the corner! I love fall. It’s my favorite season! Dan and I met in the fall, the weather is perfect…something just feels so right about those short couple of months before the cold air really seeps in. I am really looking forward to squeezing in as much autumn fun as possible this year! Apple and pumpkin picking are typical but last year is the first time we’d done those things together as a family, and things I rarely did in the past. I’m really looking forward to all of the Instagram photos we’ll have from these things! I might overdo it on the Instagram. Almost all of our photos now are from that app. I love it so much! I try to take photos with our Nikon, too, but it doesn’t happen as often.

Anyway, back to wedding anxiety. There’s still kind of a lot to do…I think? My to do list is something like: Put the finishing touches on cake topper, put cake stand together, put finishing touches on guest book, scrub sticky labels off of a million jars, finish making a few signs, finish making the monogram letter decorations, make my hairpiece, gifts for the bridal party, make one more last minute boutonniere (woops!), wire up jars for the aisle seats, shoes for me, shoes for Dan, pants/shoes/bow tie for Max, menus, programs, favors, oh and ya know…the rest of the deposits we owe. Seriously, I passed on a lot of ideas I really liked because it was getting too out of hand! It sounds like a lot, but in reality some of those things can be finished in a matter of minutes, I’ve just been putting it off as usual!

Things we did this week: picked out the readings that my friend Kate and Dan’s brother Dave will be reading at the ceremony, decided on something really awesome that I want to make for Dan (its a surprise and I will not be talking about it here until after the wedding, sorry!)…actually…I think that’s all I did this week. I did pick out shoes for myself, just have to buy them! Oh, and Dan painted all of these awesome frames we’re going to use for signage. They are so pretty! Well, I guess I better get off of the internet and get some things done!



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