Wedding Obsession// Shoes!

Oh, shoes! I love them so much! Dan doesn’t understand this fascination. He has 4 pairs I think. 2 pairs of sneakers, flip flops, and dress shoes. Silly guy! I’ve had such  hard time finding wedding shoes. I’m really picky about everything and I kept seeing awesome pairs on wedding blogs and couldn’t figure our where they came from or they were super expensive and I’m on a tight budget here! My requirements for wedding shoes were: low heel (or a kitten heel), a fun color, possible a peep toe heel. I also didn’t want anything shiny, white/ivory, with rhinestones, beading, wedges, etc. I finally found a reasonably priced pair that I like! I’ve been mulling this pair over for a week or 2 now but I need to bring the shoes I plan to wear to my dress fitting at the end of the month so it was starting to become a now or never thing. I ordered them online on Friday and I can only hope they are as cute in person, but here they are!

I love the color! Mustard yellow! So pretty! All of the bridesmaids (except for the junior bridesmaids) will be wearing mustard yellow shoes. Yay! I can’t wait til they arrive at my doorstep!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Obsession// Shoes!

  1. Thanks! I’m having trouble finding them on the website….you don’t happen to have a direct link to this pair, do you? Sorry to be annoying! If you don’t, that’s cool. Thanks! 🙂

    • Yes! I replied to your comment on pinterest with the link! Not annoying at all! It took me forever to track down a pair I really loved.

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