Figuring it all out.

I’m not sure where to begin this post. Since the moment Dan and I found out we were pregnant (with Max- I’m not pregnant again!) it seems everything has been happening so fast! Spinning quickly past us before we even had a chance to let anything register or sink in. Lately there is so much going on- wedding preparations (oh me, oh my, there are SO many of these finished, in the process of being done, and left to do), working (have I mentioned that I’ve picked up an extra weekly shift and Dan has been working mountains of overtime?), regular housework, stress of figuring out how and when everything that needs done can get, well…done, etc. And somehow getting lost in all of this is the part where we remember to live in the moment and focus on right now. Usually it’s Max that brings us back to that realization. Regardless of what needs to get done, he is just happy as can be throwing all of his books off of his shelf and onto the floor in a big heap. He doesn’t need to remember to take time out to play and enjoy the moment because every single moment for him is new and exciting and that is something I am really loving about this whole having a kid thing!

Speaking of things to do. Wowieeee! As far as wedding stuff goes, we’re sending out invitations today! TODAY! I’m really excited for everyone to see them! I started working on the guestbook today, too. That actually makes it sound a lot more involved than it really is. All I’m doing with that is stamping our names and wedding date inside. Easy peasy! Dan needs to get shoes. I have a few hairpieces to assemble. We have a menu to finalize. And then menu’s and programs can be put together. Once we receive all of the RSVP’s we will have a seating arrangement to put together. We  have a few photo booth props to put together. And we have a few special songs to finalize on a list for the deejay. ..And a few other things. But mostly it’s coming together pretty well!

This week I started a juice cleanse. Oh man. I’m about halfway into day 3. It has not been easy. I’ve gotten mixed reactions from people about it. Since I’m not doing this for reactions that part doesn’t really matter to me so much. To be honest today I’m feeling really depressed for no discernible reason. I’m told that’s a normal part of the detoxification process, specifically gluten and dairy, which makes total sense to me. I was also told that at the beginning I am probably going to be mentally obsessed with food. This came from someone who completed a 10 day Master Cleanse (hi, Cadi!). I have to say that has to be one of those most accurate predictions OF ALL TIME. Seriously. I feel like it’s getting better, but the first day (and especially in the evening, I noticed) all I could think about was food. I felt as if every other minute I was having a new craving but the old craving didn’t go away, they just piled on top of each other. Yesterday I really felt as though I might snap and fall off the wagon at any minute, gorge myself on one of  (or the whole package of) the cheese sticks in the fridge meant for Max’s snack. But I didn’t. I did however, give in to a couple of cucumber slices and grapes. But I am not counting that as cheating or failing, because I would have juiced them anyway. I really have no idea how long I will continue to do this for…I suppose until I feel better. If I never feel better, than I guess at least I gave it a shot, but I’m counting on that not happening.

We are also in the process of HOPEFULLY getting the opportunity to move into the huge apartment upstairs from us in a couple of months. This is still something that’s up in the air and we really have no idea if its going to happen or when but we are hopeful! This could mean awesome things for our little family! We have pretty much officially run out of room in our current place. If you’ve visited then you know what I’m talking about! We have made pretty sloppy use of our vertical space but it’ll have to do for now! Anyway, our fingers are crossed!


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