A couple of weeks ago I took a Saturday off work to go to the Rocktucket festival in Pawtucket. It was pretty fun! It ended up being a beautiful day and it was nice to be able to spend it together outside. Max’s g-ma Hayes came over and spent the day with Max and gave us a little day to ourselves. There was a stage set up for bands, tons of awesome food trucks (Jake’s Sweet Meat! Poco Loco Tacos! Umm…others, too!), booths selling screen printed tshirts, records, jewelery. On the outside (it was set up like 2 separate events) there was an arts festival, too with booths of people selling there wares. It was right by the river and dam so we got to hang out over there too and it was really nice! We got to see our friends bands play and bumped into lots of cool folks. It was a good day! Instagrams, galore 🙂


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