Wedding Obsession// Countdown and pretty hair!

There are 54 more days until our wedding! Beyond excited! There are still a few things (kind of a lot but I won’t list it all here, and not to worry, its mostly little odds and ends) left to finish up. Over the weekend we worked out a lot of the details of the morning of the wedding. Since we have already embarked on the whole having-kids thing and two of my bridesmaids have kiddos, it makes for creative juggling to figure out how everyone is going to get ready, but I think I’ve figured it out! Our wedding night is also going to be Max’s first sleepover at Grammy’s. What a milestone! I remember my first sleepover at my Goofla’s. Both of my sisters and my brother were there, too. I remember having a ball! Yesterday we also finally decided on gifts for everyone in the wedding party, and the main part of my bridesmaids gifts arrived in the mail. They are exactly what I was looking for and I hope they are liked! My dress fitting is on Thursday and I am just hoping, hoping, hoping that it still fits. Seriously, my weight loss plan didn’t exactly pan out. The last few months have been a classic case of workout/diet sterotypes and it’s pretty sad to say the least. I do still want to get back on all of that. I don’t really know whats stopping me. But anyway. Here are some super pretty wedding hair ideas. I’m looking for simple, waves, and braids. And of course the fasincator I have to make. Sorry for not having the source information for these. Most of the came from Style Me Pretty and Ruffledblog as usual!

A Beautiful Mess has a really great tutorial on how to style maiden braids. I kind of half-attempted this one day but then Max wanted to play, and he’s really hard to say no to. So I stopped. I think part of me wants long hair simply to be able to have the ability to do this. The key to styling your hair, especially with braids, is to start with hair that was NOT just washed. A day or two after a wash is perfect. Your hair will have the perfect amount of oils and buildup to keep a good hold on any style. Really looking forward to experimenting with all of these styles! Bobby pin central, here I come.


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