The Great Purge of 2011!

I’m super excited to be selling some of the baby items we have leftover from Max that we are no longer using. We were planning to keep everything but then I decided that it seems kind of silly to hold onto EVERY single thing. Some things, yes. We did save a lot of clothes, most of it is somewhat organized by size in plastic storage bins in the basement. We have a bunch of other stuff originally marked for donation. While I would love to help other people in need, the fact is, we donate to Saver’s and Salvation Army- places WE buy from, so why not cut out the middle man and make a few dollars along the way? We talked a bout organizing a yard sale over the summer but that kind of fell by the wayside and I feel like this whole thing is much easier. Craigslist and other sell-you-stuff groups are awesome because you can post specific items and bargain back and forth if needed without having to sit around all day while people sift through your stuff. I’m pretty sure I have a buyer for some of the cloth diapers we have. I feel like if we have another baby in the future and decide to diaper him/her in cloth (which I would like to do if possible) we can start building our stash again then. We did spend quite a bit of money on the diapers we got, because like everyone now will tell you, these diapers aren’t like the rubber pants they had when we were infants. Thinking about selling this stuff made me realize we have oodles of other stuff to get rid of and it feels great to be clearing our space a bit. It is kind of small, afterall. Another big move we will be making is to get rid of a lot of toys. A LOT. We have a small space and Max doesn’t even play with most of them. My plan is to get rid of probably about half of the ones that aren’t in as great a shape and he doesn’t play with or that we really just don’t want here, and the other half I will split up and some of it will get packed away so we can rotate it out every week- two weeks. Good plan, I think! I’m looking forward to having a winter that is not stuffy and overrun with clutter! Clutter= dust, and a lot of it. This will make spring cleaning next year a breeze!


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