This Time Last Year.

A photo from one year ago, no words.


Fat Belly’s.

A couple of weeks ago work had a party at a local pub- Fat Belly’s. It just so happened that I was on day 2 of my juice cleanse so I couldn’t enjoy all of the delicious food there. Buuut, there was karaoke and we got to watch and laugh along with everyone who had the guts to go up there and sing. It was pretty fun! On our way out we took this Pocketbooth photo. I am seriously in love with all of the photography apps on my iPhone! So many possibilities!

Last week Max’s g-ma and g-pa Furtado brought Max and I to their place for dinner and to spend some time. I took a couple of photo’s of Max on the rocking horse! He had a blast! I need to remember to take more photos. I have hardly any of Max’s grandparents!

Max is officially walking! He started taking a few steps last week and then all of sudden he was off like a rocket! It’s been really exciting watching him prepare for this. I was starting to think it would never happen, but like all of his other milestones have proven, he’ll approach each and every new experience and skill when he’s ready. I actually really admire how he takes his time. He certainly isn’t in a rush to do anything. He has waited and worked on his balance (still, of course) and he is just doing it now! A few days ago he walked to me for the first time and it was pure magic, just like in the movies.