What we’ve been up to…

Weeee! So much fun! About a week ago my stepmom, Deb and older sister, Cadi threw me a bridal shower! Everything was perfect! The food, the decorations, the company! Amazing! I really didn’t take any pictures- I know Deb did but I haven’t seen them yet (ahem, ahem!!!). It was a blast! Family and friends who came were so, so generous. i have gifts everywhere! Basically a totally new kitchen (Cadi, have no fear, I will post updated kitchen photos soon!). Dan and I have been trying to deep clean out apartment before the wedding and the kitchen was the first project. To be honest there is still a lot to do in there, but we are getting somewhere with it!

Speaking of wedding stuff. Wow. TWENTY DAYS, PEOPLE! I can’t believe November is just about here! Today is Halloween but it totally passed us by and we really didn’t do any fall stuff at all. But there is always next year, and we have big plans for the holidays after this year! With the wedding coming up it made all other plans kind of impossible. I have been moving right along with projects and am almost finished! I’m kind of sad that all this work will be for a day that will be over so quickly but I know it will be amazing! I can’t wait to spend the day celebrating with our family and friends. Ahhh, love!


Kitchen woes.

Yesterday’s “This Time Last Year” feature reminded me that last year my kitchen was clean. I mean, insanely, super clean. Now it’s full of stuff. Lot’s of stuff. Trash waiting to go out to the barrel. Lots of recycling waiting to go out to the bins. Boxes of wedding stuff. Bags of out of season clothes, clothes to donate, hats/gloves/scarves for this coming winter. The counter is covered in things that don’t have a home anywhere else. At this exact moment it is also covered in clean dishes that I just need to put away, which is better than dirty dishes I guess. Our fridge needs a good scrubbing out. Sigh. I’ll get to it, right? Anyway, here it was last year. I am not posting a current photo, nope! Not doing it!

Right now.

I haven’t been posting as much lately…too much going on, or just plain exhausted! Max is working on cutting his last tooth (until he gets those “two year molars”…) and has not been sleeping very well, which means neither have we! His naps are off and on as well. I have to say though, I have had many well-meaning advice-givers come to me with tips on how to get him to sleep, ever since last year. What I have found is that none of that really worked with Max. He is highly sensitive (not like me or anything…HA!) and those methods just didn’t work for us at all. For awhile cosleeping for us had become a good habit, something we all could deal with, but now it has once again reverted to being quite exhausting- buuut it’s the only way Max will sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time right now. Other Max stuff….he says things! He says, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” and, “Woooooow!” It’s…adorable! Yesterday he learned how to play peekaboo himself and thinks its hilarious how surprised I look when he uncovers his eyes, tehe! I’m really loving this new stage he is growing into!

Wedddddddding stuff! We are getting married in……..38 days! Oh my gosh! Really soon! Most everything is done. Still a few things I have been putting off though, but I’ll finish them! A couple days ago I spent alllllll day working on bunting banners for different tables at the wedding. I used antique book pages and cut into flags, then painted the words on. I have to get some twine and punch holes/string the flags on still. I love the way they turned out!

Anyway, after our wedding I’ll probably have a million posts about it (when I have time!) and then go back to mostly Max-related stuff. Because he’s cute. And awesome. Yup. 🙂

Wedding Obsession// The real truth.

A featured wedding on Ruffledblog today included this quote from the bride:

The day of will be perfect no matter what goes “wrong.” If at the end of it all you’re married to the person you love, it was a success.

That could not be said any better! I have a lot of worries about our wedding day. My family and friends know this all too well! But really, I am beyond excited and happy to be marrying the love of my life! I know it’s going to be amazing and we are going to be recapping memories from this big day for the rest of our lives! I do love that man of mine!