I’m here!

I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth! Promise! We are married! We did it! Our wedding was Sunday and it was amazing! What a crazy, beautiful day! We are anxiously awaiting photos (buuuut I think it’ll be awhile til we see them!). Max had his first sleepover experience this week, too- 4 nights at his Grammy’s! We don’t like to ease into things around here, clearly. Not our style. I’m more of a jump right in, consequences be damned type of person when it comes to big life decisions. But smaller decisions- forget it, I can never make up my mind. Anyway. So much going on! Being Thanksgiving week and with all of the coziness going on around here we are feeling really grateful and lucky and blessed by the universe in all ways. I am super excited for the holidays this year, I think more than I have been in years! I am planning out a little stocking for Max and we picked out a gift to give ourselves together (instead of giving to each other, because it’s something we both want and can have for our place!). I have lots more to post about in a more organized way….so much wedding stuff I want to dive into but I don’t even know where to start! In the next couple of weeks I am going to permanently abandon my 25 before 25 list because that was a total bust. I’ll start a new goal list that is smaller and more manageable and go from there. Lots to do! I really love to plan things but often my plans don’t translate into real life…they just usually don’t make it past the planning stage. A new year is approaching and good things are coming! I can tell!


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