New Year goals a little bit early.

I mentioned last week that I was going to abandon my ’25 Before 25′ feature because it was just a little too much for me with wedding planning and day to day family stuff with a toddler. A very busy toddler. Phew! It’s not exactly 2012 yet (but not too far away, right?) so I think I’ll make my new and improved and more doable goal list right here and now. Why not?

Doula certification.

I registered with Childbirth International in the Spring. The assignments are really not that difficult. I think the most difficult assignment is probably the physiology exam but I need to know all of that so it’s something I want and need to do anyway. I think the most challenging part in all of this isn’t going to even be the exam though, or the reading (that really is probably the easiest part) or the book reviews, none of that. It’s finding clients and making my personal life fit with an on-call job that is going to be a challenge. Motherhood is totally an on-call job. You’re needed all of the time but sometimes you are needed in extra ways, too and you never know when those moments will arise. But it’s different being a doula because you’re going elsewhere and with small children I’m not sure how that will fit just yet. We have a big plan that will probably make this much more possible but haven’t begun to put any of it in place yet and it will take time to make it work. But we will! So my first goal here is to finish that reading! It really isn’t much and I do enjoy and love learning as much about pregnancy and birth and the postpartum period as I can! I want to have the reading done by the end of February. That’s really more than enough time if I do what I’m supposed to! I’d like to follow that with having the book reviews done by the end of March. Then Max’s birth story by the end of April. Physiology exam but the end of June. After that I can focus on finding the clients I need for certification and then it’ll be onto working! Yes! Can I do this? I hope so!

Learn to knit.

This is really just something I want to do for fun. I love looking at knitting projects, books, blogs, etc. I think it’s amazing that functional and beautiful things can be made with such little materials and I really want to learn! I haven’t had the energy or motivation to dive into this but I feel like once I get into it, it could be a great creative outlet and relaxation type of thing for me. I would love for Max to get into this in a few years so I hope I can be a good example!

The weight thing.

Yeah, that. I mean really. I pay for a gym membership every month. It’s just silly not to. I’m heading there and I’m going to make this happen. I will feel better and that’s important! My long term goal is a 35 lb weight loss. Short term goal is 5 lb increments. No particular time frame. I just want to work at each increment and celebrate that work along the way. I think each small amount will really motivate me to keep going. We do want to expand our family in the future and with my pregnancy with Max I had extremely painful back and hip problems and I learned that I have hip dysplasia ans scoliosis which causes all of that, plus all kinds of other problems. I want to try to eliminate that as much as possible in the future. Next time I want to start off with a clean, healthy slate and stay as healthy and fit throughout as possible. I feel like it would help labor and it would help lessen the chances and severity of postpartum depression and would help me get back to a good place physically and mentally if I am already in a healthy lifestyle mindset. I think if I can get passed the self conscious-ness of running in front of people then I can go for stress-relieving runs in addition to the gym and that could be really good for me. I’m on the verge of convincing Dan to get a gym membership, too so we can go together. We just need a babysitter often for small amounts of time during the week in the evenings to make this happen (ahem, grandparents….).   🙂

Move and organize our family space.

This one goes along with our “big plan” that I mentioned above about the doula thing. We are planning to stay in RI. We’d go to MA if it wasn’t too far and was the perfect situation. Not going to delve to much into this yet, but it’s a goal for the end of next year to start looking at a more permanent situation. There are a lot of factors, of course, but things can be worked out! I am already dreaming about setting up our own bedroom and another one for Max. I have so many decorating ideas and they just won’t all fit in our current space! One thing I am really going to be excited for when it can happen is getting rid of our giant weird couch and finding the perfect vintage one to put in its place. I see them all of the time but we just don’t NEED it right now so it can wait! Pinterest has been giving me so many ideas! Eeeep!

Discover a new band.

Because finding new feel-good music is a good thing!

The budget thing.

Stay on top of bills, have specific bill-paying days each month, plan well, etc. So many factors here but its essential and it can happen!

Get to know my sewing machine better.

This should happen. All it requires is time. Which I have. Oh wait, and patience. Which I can work on. Right?

Make a scrapbook for Max.

Or of Max, our family, etc. After Christmas this is going to be my fun crafty project to get into. Stress-free and I can do as much as I want, whenever.

That’s a good amount, I think. Now I just have to actually start them!

5 thoughts on “New Year goals a little bit early.

  1. Liz,
    Let me start by saying, I love this post!

    I am all about natural childbirth and you better believe I’ll be calling you as soon as I am expecting. If you have any reading recommendations, send ’em my way!

    Crafting is another thing that I love. YouTube taught me crochet, and I’ve already finished a boat load of scarves and hats, and two wedding blankets. If you’re serious about knitting, I have needles that I don’t use, and plenty of yarn to start you out, and YouTube videos will teach you so much!

    All of the rest, if you have any advice, I need it too! I went to the gym that I’ve been paying for since March for the first time in a long time last night. It was tough to get out of the house after eating dinner, and putting laundry in, but I’m glad I did it.


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