Year’s end

2011, you were jam packed with memories. You brought me peak anxiety levels and also showed me how amazing life really is. You brought a first birthday, first steps, family road trips and local food trucks. You helped me find my style and helped me figure out what it is I really want to ‘do’ in my life. You brought me diy heaven and you brought me an amazing wedding that I’ll be remembering forever. You brought me a love of coffee that I never thought I’d acquire- that could be a problem. You brought me closer to the family I’ve known all my life and closer with a whole new half of my family. This year was a good one! I’m pretty stoked on all of the sweet things that are going to happen to us in 2012!



I score this awesome old blackboard for $2 at a church yard sale last summer while we were in Maine visiting my mom. My mom, sister, niece and I all went and we scored big time. I mean, it was the motherload of yard sale finds. I’m tempted to plan any visits up there around that annual sale…

Anyway, since Max has been eating things less and less, I decided to break out the chalk and let him go to town. I wrote his name a drew the heart, but all the other lines are all him.

I have plans to hang this in the living room at his level, but for now it’s in our bedroom. This place has been getting pretty cozy and homey lately!

Furtado Christmas!

Last Sunday we headed over to Aunt Sue and Uncle Rodney’s house for a Christmas get together with the whole Furtado clan. It was a lot of fun! I am really glad I got to go! She really knows how to throw a holiday party! There was a gigantic, beautifully decorated tree, decorations everywhere and tons of gifts- the kids were really excited! They had lots of food and all so delicious! Of course, I forgot to bring my camera so there aren’t any photos from me but hopefully someone else has some. I did grab a photo of Max before we left the house in his Christmas sweater. I tried to get one without the bon bon in his mouth but dude was not having it.