December meal planning.

I posted sometime in the spring about meal planning. It really does help to save a ton of money, keep the kitchen organized and reduce the amount of food we waste to zero. With all of the wedding plans I really let this one get away from me. It meant lots of random dinners, overspending and take out food…so…not very heathful, either. Pinterest has been a true inspiration for me. Aside from all of diy projects I’ve been doing through tutorials found there, I have found a ton of awesome recipes. Since getting a slow cooker as a wedding gift, I’ve planned most of our meals around it. Because I am only home weeknights to cook and Dan is only home one weekend night, I plan for weeknights only. This weeks plans are:

Monday: baked beans in the slow cooker, with cornbread and garlic kale

Tuesday: split pea soup in the slow cooker with bread

Wednesday: potsticker salad with snap peas and carrots

Thursday: chickpea and butternut squash curry in the slow cooker with rice

Friday: red beans and rice in the slow cooker

Easy! For breakfast we usually do cereal, banana, eggs and greens. Snacks- mostly for Max- are usually cereal bars, yogurt tubes, applesauce, fruit, raisins, and cheese sticks. This week I bought a couple sweet potatoes to wedge and roast for lunch for Max and I. Another lunch we do a lot is almond butter and preserves on oatmeal bread. I’ve made my meal plan for the entire month of December and I am thinking about going ahead and doing this for each season and tweaking here and there if there’s anew recipe we want to try. I’m already thinking about how light and refreshing next spring and summer’s meals will be. With this month’s meal plan I’m starting a new tradition of Solstice dinner. I’m planning on twic baked potatoes- sweet potato and russet potatoes, garlic greens and roast chicken with lots of herbs. After dinner we’ll have fuji apple cake! Yum! I think we’ll also open one gift (well, Max will). I’m loving the holidays this year!


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