More kitchen fails.

Remember my meal plan post? Yeah, that. Monday was (supposed to be) baked beans. Before my post was even up I had everything assembled and cooking away in the slow cooker. With half an hour to go I thought it was weird that the beans were still white, the same size and tasted totally…weird. Not cooked really, but also very dry inside, without any flavor despite having cooked for 5 1/2 hours in a vat of yummy flavor. My friend Kathryn came over and when I told her about it she informed me that added salt to dried beans makes it impossible for them to absorb anything, basically it causes the shell of the bean to harden and not let anything in. Crap! So that’s what happened. I had no idea. But it explains why the last time I tried making them in the oven I had basically the same results. Dan ended up saving dinner with cheater baked beans on the stove. Still yummy. But man. Monday was a total flop.


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