Pinterest mania.

I’m really into Pinterest. Really, really into it. I have 21 boards and have had to stop myself from divvying up categories even more. The best part is I have actually made some of the things I’ve found through there, not just pinned them. Here are a few of the projects I’ve worked on, including recipes. I don’t have photos of alllll of my actually recreations, though.

This chalkboard DIY. I made mine out of an antique mirror I found at a yard sale. So far the frame hasn’t been painted, it’s the original wood, but I’m thinking some paint would freshen it up even more. I used it for the seating chart sign at our wedding.

This next one came from a blog I already read before I ever discovered Pinterest. I found the DIY again once I had a Pinterest account. Perfect timing too because I found a plain wooden frame at the same yard sale as the above mirror, and it’s exactly what I wanted it to be! We used it to display self-portraits made with the instagram app at out wedding and had it set on our dessert table. It’s now in our living room with family instagram photos.

Liquid soap from a bar of soap! I did this! I have a big bucket of soap now! Awesome! And even better, I discovered an awesome blog, too!

Tshirt to scarf– this might have been the easiest one, ever. It requires only a tshirt, pair of scissors and a little patience. It only took about a half hour and I dig the way it came out! I kind of want to make a bunch in different colors…And here’s mine!


My veil! I made this for our wedding. I’m pretty happy with the way it came out. Buying a premade veil can cost anywhere from $50 to…well, hundreds of dollars. Yes, hundreds. Crazy, right? Mine cost less than $10. I used a tshirt I got for free from a work event that no longer fit for the flower, a piece of Russian cage netting I got for $4 on Etsy, some feathers I also got on Etsy (was less that $5 for a bulk amount) and a couple of bobby pins. It took a bit of time to get right but it was worth the effort.

My ladies came over and we all put together these awesomely adorable hot cocoa favors. They were a big hit!

Chocolate chip cookies! We subbed maple syrup for vanilla extract and didn’t notice a difference in flavor. They were yummmmmy.

I have a million more to add here but I don’t want this to go on and on forever…..!


3 thoughts on “Pinterest mania.

  1. so whats this you speak of?… you’re kind of my go to girl on new trends :)… but this sounds right my alley is it like a new way to make lists because i am very fond of list making… and then losing (not so fond of). tell me more!

    • Yes!
      I think they make you wait for an “invite” in your email after you sign up, which is kind of silly but also totally worth the couple day wait. I warn you, it is very addicting! You can also link it to your facebook so it automatically finds other users you knows and you can “follow” their boards. It’s pretty cool! I’ve gotten endless numbers of ideas that I’ve used- crafts, diy projects, recipes, etc. I even got my mom hooked on it and she’s totally anti-internet. She spends her entire lunch break now doing that, hahahaha.

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