I’m lucky enough to have a sewing machine and even more lucky that someone gifted it to me. The part that isn’t so cool is the part where I tell confess to you that I don’t really know how to use it that well. I tend to jump on the idea bandwagon (the idea, not the actual act of DOING anything- everyone who knows me right now is nodding furiously in agreement). One of those idea bandwagons for me was and still is, sewing. I have lots and lots of crafty sewing books. A few of them were written by popular bloggers I follow. When I got my sewing machine I was all excited- set everything up and read through the manual. I immediately became super intimidated. How is it possible for a person to be intimidated by an inanimate object? I don’t know the answer to that but I know it is entirely, totally possible. It’s so sad! My sewing machine sits there day after day, unloved. I think I need to change this. I know there are tons of classes I could take buuuuuut I can’t exactly afford those so it looks like I need to get out my manual and get in the zone. I started a quilt when Max was about 4 months old. Nothing fancy- just patchwork squares. I cut all of them up and sewed them into rows. I still have the rows and that was a year and a half ago. See? Sad! They are all jumbled up in a bag somewhere in my closet. My mom gave me a wool blanket to use as batting and I am going to thrift a vintage flat sheet for the back. I am vowing to at least sew the rows together by the end of the month. Yes! There are so many things I want to make so I think I should probably start by finishing an old project! I can’t wait til it’s done now and I can have another warm blanket in the house! I think after that I will make a smaller one for Max, maybe out of some of his receiving blankets from when he was a newborn.


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