We got max a set of nice fat crayons a couple of months ago. He was more interested in eating them than coloring at the time so we put them away for awhile but now he seems to be eating things a bit less (although he still does with somethings and is totally addicted to his pacifier, or as we have called it since he was born, his bon bon) so out they came the other day. Actually…out one of them came, because the only one I could seem to find was the boring old brown one that seems to have lost its box. I have no idea what happened to the rest of them (read:my apartment is a black hole). He really liked it though. Just when I turned my back because he seemed to be really into coloring all over some paper I gave him…he colored on the door to our living room.. Most of the time if I remind him to color on the paper he goes back to it, though.


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