This is not a post about resolutions, don’t be fooled! This has more to do with the seemingly obligatory idea that everyone decides to get fit! get healthy! lose 10 pounds! etc. on January 1st. Some people might really work at it and change their lifestyles for the better permanently but let’s face it- most don’t and their gym memberships and leafy green intake get kind of forgotten about. We seem to do mostly okay in the food department but we still get into ruts sometimes. One of the problems I have as far as food is snacking. Max and I spend a lot of time at home and if there is any kind of junk food in the house it doesn’t last long. A bag of chocolate chips, plate of cookies or cake can become breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let it- not good at all! While grocery shopping last night I stocked up on super healthy snacks in an attempt to change my palette a bit. I got things that Max and I can both enjoy. Here’s what was in my shopping basket:

seaweed rice crackers

cans of chickpeas and white beans to make bean dip for my crackers and to spread on sandwiches

grape tomatoes

dried mangoes


yogurt tubes to throw in the freezer (also great for soothing Max’s poor teething gums!)

frozen peas (not so much for me, but Max loves them!)

Other items that have been really yummy for us in the past are mixed olives- I love the lemon and garlic variety, rice cakes with almond butter, apple slices and dark chocolate chips.

We often get into dinner ruts, too. We’re cutting out most animal products and focusing our dinner time on vegetables, beans and fruit. This week we’re going to have miso soup quite a bit. We make ours with barley miso paste, cabbage, carrots, green onions, soba noodles, ginger and a bit of rice wine vinegar. I think it’ll be really yummy with lots of garlic, too.  Veggie burgers were on sale so I bought a couple of boxes, but next week I’m going to be making a couple batches of homemade bean and veggie burgers to keep in our freezer. Another favorite meal for all of us is chickpea curry with brown rice. Lunch isn’t a big affair- Max and I usually just have something light, Lately he has been loving avocado chunks and I like to roast sweet potato wedges for lunch. Grain salads are great for lunch and dinner! I can’t wait for summer time and tomatoes with every meal!


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