A couple of weeks ago I took a Saturday off work to go to the Rocktucket festival in Pawtucket. It was pretty fun! It ended up being a beautiful day and it was nice to be able to spend it together outside. Max’s g-ma Hayes came over and spent the day with Max and gave us a little day to ourselves. There was a stage set up for bands, tons of awesome food trucks (Jake’s Sweet Meat! Poco Loco Tacos! Umm…others, too!), booths selling screen printed tshirts, records, jewelery. On the outside (it was set up like 2 separate events) there was an arts festival, too with booths of people selling there wares. It was right by the river and dam so we got to hang out over there too and it was really nice! We got to see our friends bands play and bumped into lots of cool folks. It was a good day! Instagrams, galore 🙂


Date Night//Neko Case

We had another fun date night a couple of nights ago. Max’s G-ma Hayes came over to hang out with him and get him to sleep while we were gone. Seriously what a lovely lady! If you don’t know her, you should probably meet her.

Anyway. We got all gussied up and went to Rasoi for the most delicious Indian food EVER. We ate so fast and were so stuffed. Could. Not. Eat. Another. Bite. Plus, we had the added bonus of having really strange and interesting table neighbors throughout our meal. The highlight for me was when one of the patrons started singing a 70’s song to their waiter. The waiter was trying to look like he thought it was funny, but it was obvious that he was super weirded out. We have so much leftovers. YUM! I didn’t even have room for a cupcake afterwards. And that’s saying a lot.

The opening band was Y La Bamba. The singer was this super tall and adorable hipster chick and all of the band members switched instruments for each song. I really dig when each member of the band is proficient enough on each and every one of their instruments enough to switch. It really impresses me every time. Their music was this really awesome mellow and fun indie rock and roll with a Mexican twist. The singer reminded me a ton of Feist. It was amazing and we are definitely buying their album. Neko Case and her band went on afterwards and they were incredible, per usual. They had a really great spark together on stage. You can tell they’re all friends and are really at ease with each other. It seems like all bands should be like that. I’m not a musician but I always imagined it would  be like a whole other family. Making music with other people must be almost like a religious experience or spiritual epiphany. I can only imagine. I always have had this fantasy of singing for a band. Hasn’t everyone? It was amazing. They played a whole slew of brand new songs and lots of oldies, as well. And they’re hilarious. Also, we had mezzanine seats. The perfect view. No photos or video from the show tonight, but here’s a live version of one I love:

Date Night//Third Eye Blind

Last night Max’s G-ma Hayes came over to hang out with Max while Dan and I had a date night. We ended up going to Wildlflour for vegan cupcakes and fancy shmancy juice/coffee. I had a coconut cupcake and a pineapple/wheatgrass/ginger juice and Dan had a chocolate peanut butter one and an espresso. It was our first time going there…my only complaint is that I couldn’t really taste anything since I’ve been sick.Next we found parking downtown and went to the show! We tried to miss the opening act (we googled it beforehand and he was terrible) but we ended up being really early. The lead singer was really into himself and had song titles such as “Live a Sexy Life”…yeah, awful. For some reason the crowd was really into him. Once that horror show was over it was time for Third Eye Bind to take the stage! I’m a huge dork and LOVE them. Love. The very first song they played was Motorcycle Drive By and one of the encores was God of Wine, which pretty much made my night complete. Happy Birthday present to me!