Mondays are for…

Mostly doing nothing, usually. After the weekend where I don’t get to see Max too much we normally just take the day to totally veg out together. Today I’m thinking of getting a lot done…a LOT. There’s a lot of cleaning and organizing I’d like to do around here! Our problem is space. We don’t have a lot of it. But we could probably make better use of the space we do have. The problem is clutter. None of it is Dan’s really. It’s mostly my junk that I have collected, and lots and lots of excess toys for Max. My plan is to purge a lot of that before his birthday but since I’m not really sure what to get rid of and what to keep I’m just going to pay more attention to what doesn’t get played with over the next couple of months.

Today is also an update on my food post from Friday. I did pretty well even though I was surrounded by delicious desserts for most of the weekend at work. I’ve done mostly raw all weekend. The things that weren’t raw were: 1 hard boiled egg, 1 sliver of raw goats¬† milk cheese, 1 sliver of raw cows milk cheese, 1 vegan whoopie pie, and 1 beer. Not all together. Probably obvious buuuuuuut I figured I would explain. Everything else has been greens, veggies, fruit, grains and nuts. I feel mostly pretty good so far. I’m about to start today with a green smoothie and steel cut oats with blueberries and maple syrup. I’m going to let Max get reaaaaaaaally messy in his booster seat with the oats while I do up the dishes and then it’s an early bath time for that guy. I’ve found so far with this diet that as long as I add in extra meals I don’t feel hungry or deprived and actually have pretty good energy levels for the most part. So, I’ll have and extra meal between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner with lots of little snacks mixed in. Max will eat the same thing I am so we’ll both be healthy and feeling good. Signing off now- we’re hungry!


Furtado Christmas!

Last Sunday we headed over to Aunt Sue and Uncle Rodney’s house for a Christmas get together with the whole Furtado clan. It was a lot of fun! I am really glad I got to go! She really knows how to throw a holiday party! There was a gigantic, beautifully decorated tree, decorations everywhere and tons of gifts- the kids were really excited! They had lots of food and all so delicious! Of course, I forgot to bring my camera so there aren’t any photos from me but hopefully someone else has some. I did grab a photo of Max before we left the house in his Christmas sweater. I tried to get one without the bon bon in his mouth but dude was not having it.

Fort Christmas.

A new tradition we started this year is Fort Christmas. This year it’s in our bedroom since we all share one, but I hope in the future, someday when Max has his own room, to help him build one each year (for as many years as he is into the idea…). I got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. She builds one each year with her husband in their bedroom, so its a little different than our kid version. I think it’s the sweetest thing! They also started a new one this year- 12 dates of Christmas, which she talks about more on her blog. Obviously Dan and I have no way to have a date each day/night for 12 days before Christmas, but in the future I plan to do a similar countdown with family activities the 3 of us can do, and include family members as well if it works that way. I’ve seen other people do this with an advent type of calendar, where instead of candy, they have something fun planned each day, like drive/walk to look at Christmas lights, make Christmas cookies, go sledding (if there’s snow- none here yet!), decorate for the holidays, etc. I love this idea! I’m really excited for the time when Max is old enough to participate in this sort of thing and we can start all of these new traditions for our family! Anyway, back to Fort Christmas. A few years ago, when I was single and living in a teeny tiny apartment by myself, my mom gave me a little pink feather Christmas tree. It already had lights on it and was only about a foot and a half tall. I kind of thought… This is the tackiest thing ever, but this year I have decided it’s not at all tacky- orrrrr it’s the perfect amount of tacky…either way, I LOVE it now. And I am so glad I saved it! Getting a real tree would mean having to kill a tree and also having a huge mess in my apartment. Max has already proven at other people’s houses that he will certainly pull those trees down if given the chance…so I think it’s a good thing we skipped on it this year, although in the future we will probably do something like this (I hope with a fake one….a tinsel tree or white tree would be my favorite!). I built the fort in a corner of our room between the wall and my dresser by tacking up thrifted lace curtains and letting them drape down to the floor. I stacked some old and pretty books under the tree to make a pedestal. It’s totally kid friendly because Max can hang out in there and pull the tree down all he wants without risk of getting hurt, and it’s aesthetically pleasing to me, too! every time I turn the lights on Max runs over to it and ooh’s and ahh’s over it. Adorable!

Oh, and have a wonderful Solstice! To celebrate we are having a really yummy meal tonight by candlelight.

Giving thanks.

Last week Dan, Max and I had a quiet little Thanksgiving at in our apartment, just the three of us. After all of the wedding chaos we really weren’t up for heading out anywhere so we just relaxed all day! Dan got up at 5¬† and threw a boneless turkey breast and veggies I prepped the night before into the slow cooker and it was ready to eat by lunch time! We had a pretty simple meal- the turkey and veggies, garlic and chive mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (made the night before, easy peasy- recipe here), cornbread stuffing and biscuits. Mmm! We hung out in our pajamas all day and listened to classic Christmas music. Perfect day!

Last week Max’s g-ma and g-pa Furtado brought Max and I to their place for dinner and to spend some time. I took a couple of photo’s of Max on the rocking horse! He had a blast! I need to remember to take more photos. I have hardly any of Max’s grandparents!