The Party.

My mom decided to throw a party for all of the kids since she usually is not around for their actual birthdays. She talked all week about “the party.” She had goody bags for everyone and there were cupcakes! I could totally eat several cupcakes right now…hmph. And now…the photos!


Acadia Drive.

A couple days after we got to Maine, my stepfather took us for a super long drive through Acadia and all the way to the top of Cadillac Mountain, through Bar Harbor, and back again. He is retired but is a bus driver in that area and he knows a lot about the history of different places and what’s going on there. He’s a pretty good tour guide! Maybe a little too in depth sometimes, but still, we got a lot of information! We stopped at Sand Beach to get some photos and check out the scenery. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so great for sightseeing. Driving up the mountain, everything to either side of the road was in a pure white fog, so we didn’t get a chance to see anything. Maybe next time we visit it’ll be nice out so we can see the views!

Mama and Max.

Sometimes when everyone is having a rough day, the best thing you can do is pretend your baby is King Kong and fly him around your apartment crushing “buildings” and then follow it up with a tickle fest. I swear it works. I have the photos to prove it.

Another tip is to use Instagram or another old-school Iphone photo editor. No matter how little sleep you are running on or how previously frazzled you were, you will look fabulously radiant. Right? RIGHT?

Park Afternoon.

The big park in front of our apartment is awesome. It’s the entire length of our street! There are paths, a playground (I heard a rumor today that it was going to be torn down and completely rebuilt so we’ll see! I bet it’ll be cool if that happens!), a big field area and a baseball/kickball field. There are always lots of people playing soccer there. The Providence Kickball League uses it for games every Saturday during the summer. It’s an all day thing and really fun to go and hang out. I’ve seen rec little league teams practicing there, too. The once a week farmer’s market is pretty neat. It’s not as big as some of the markets I’ve seen in food documentaries but it’s still cool and has a good variety. If you happen to not have any cash on you, you can stop by the main table and use your debit/credit card to purchase coins good for $5 that you can use at any of the booths. We happened to have 2 of them kicking around our apartment from a previous week so we grabbed those and headed over. First we checked out all of the tents. We wandered down to the end of them to our new favorite spot: De Las Olas taco truck! We kind of go there a lot. They use lots of local stuff. Dan always gets the fish burritos- they catch the fish themselves right here in RI. I always get the veggie and share it with Max. There are grilled sweet potatoes in them which are pretty amazing! After that we sat on our front steps and ate them, then crossed back over to the Like No Udder dessert truck. Everything they sell vegan/non-dairy. Versions of popular candy bars, shakes, and soft serve. 2 chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve cones later and we bought a cute little jar of local maple syrup with our coins. Towards the playground there was a band playing awesome music so we hung out there for about an hour and bumped into a few people we know. I really love our neighborhood!


This week did not go at all as planned! Does it ever? Sunday our car mysteriously wouldn’t start…but now is running fine. Monday Dan suddenly came down with a fever, chills, aches, etc. It cleared up with lots of sleep and rest in about a day. We were originally going to have a cake tasting that night to pick out our wedding dessert but we didn’t end up doing that- have to reschedule! Tuesday night I came down with whatever Dan had and I am still battling it. Dan made me a delicious fresh veggie juice concoction yesterday that I have been sipping on all day. Lots of nutrients and feel better stuff in there. Wednesday was originally going to be our engagement/family portrait shoot but we had to cancel on that as well. We rescheduled for the end of the month! Max also has a molar making its way slowly and painfully through his gums. What does this all mean? A much slower pace. Lots and lots of water. Sleep (when it can be had) and our Netflix Instant Queue. I love technology.

Tuesday (pre-sickness for me) I did get together with my ladies at my apartment. Alison cooked us all dinner. It was awesome. Then they all cleaned up. I love them! I really needed the social time! And I’m glad we were able to do that because little did I know at the time, I would be house-bound for the remainder of the week!

Quick, quick!

I’ve been neglecting this space lately because we’ve had lots going on! Perfect excuse, I say! The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of busyness also. Hopefully I can catch up by the end of the month about what we’ve been doing.

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July! Dan and I spent most of the afternoon/early evening at Libertyfest. Amazing music, beer and friends to run into! Deer Tick played a surprise show and that pretty much made my night! We followed it up with a walk around the East Side to see fireworks but then we left because it was super crowded and went to Julian’s for wing night. I wasn’t too upset about missing the official fireworks display since they are legal in RI now and my fellow Providence citizens were taking advantage of it. It was like a war zone out there. Just a bit scary!

I had this idea (thanks to my awesome, awesome moms group!) to put our bed in the living room and give Max our bedroom so we can try to establish a better sleeping routine for all of us. Dan surprised me by rearranging everything over the weekend while I was at work! He did an awesome job figuring out how to set it up for optimal functionality (hiding wires and outlets that a certain little one likes to play with). So far only the living room is finished. Max’s bedroom has become a total disaster/dumping ground for all of the stuff I have accumulated since we moved in here over 2 years ago. We’ll get there, though! We have plans for a bookshelf, rug, and wall displays for his room. I have been hoarding a thrifted sheet set meant to be turned into curtains because I didn’t know where to hang them. Well, now I do! So now I can make them and hang them in his new room! Very excited! I have my eye on a couple of art prints, too! Did I mention that Max slept for about 13 hours the first night of this new set up? Yup!

We also ordered our weddings bands and Dan ordered an engagement ring for me! I’m not really a jewelry person but the symbol is nice and we are both really excited to get them in the mail!

This week: We’re getting our juicer delivered (any day now!) which means we’ll be starting our juice cleanse! Yeah. So no wings. My sister did the Master Cleanse a few months ago and that combined with a few other things will be my inspiration! I’ll definitely post more about that later. I’ve also been working on one of my 25 Things list items and going to the gym quite a bit. I’ll back there this afternoon working up a sweat!

Next week: We have a little cake tasting with our wedding dessert maker and then on Wednesday our engagement/family photo shoot with our wedding photographer! We still need to figure out what we’ll wear!

Even more summer fun to look forward to: 25 more days until we’re in Maine for vacation! Can’t wait to see my sister, mom, and all of my nieces and nephews up there!

So yeah, it’s been pretty busy. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Sunday was Father’s Day and Dan’s mama took us all out to lunch to celebrate! It was deeeelicious! The restaurant had a high chair set up before we even got to our table and they brought a little plate of bread and banana slices out for Max before we ordered. I was impressed! If you have kids and have ever brought them out to eat at a restaurant you know this is rare! We had such a nice day!