Wedding Obsession// The real truth.

A featured wedding on Ruffledblog today included this quote from the bride:

The day of will be perfect no matter what goes “wrong.” If at the end of it all you’re married to the person you love, it was a success.

That could not be said any better! I have a lot of worries about our wedding day. My family and friends know this all too well! But really, I am beyond excited and happy to be marrying the love of my life! I know it’s going to be amazing and we are going to be recapping memories from this big day for the rest of our lives! I do love that man of mine!



I’d like to take a day to really reflect on everything I am thankful for in my life lately. Even though things get tough sometimes we always manage to pull through. There’s a hardworking, dedicated man in my life who never ceases to amaze me. Sure, we have our squabbles just like anyone else, but when it gets right down to it, there’s no one else I would rather have those squabbles with. He does so much and rarely complains. He’s an awesome papa bear to our little man and I can see how much Max loves him. The squeaky door signifying Dan’s return from work each afternoon elicits squeals of delight from Max- he immediate scoots right on over to him, huge grin…man, it’s the best! Each and every day is an adventure with Max…he is adding more and more skills to his repertoire and always seems really proud of himself when he accomplishes something. he is diligent and deliberate when learning a new skill- takes his time to master it…and I mean, really takes his time. He was officially taking his first steps around 17 months old and is getting better and better at it!  My favorite thing in the world that he does- if I had to pick one- is when he gives me a kiss while making a “mmm” sound and lays his head on my, staring up at me with a big smile. The sweetest thing EVER! I have been asked a lot if Max is sleeping through the night. Most of the time the answer is no. This used to frustrate me to no end. Cosleeping did not suit us well for the first year or so but now its actually working really well. He usually sleeps on his own until the dark hours of the early morning and winds up sleeping peacefully between us at some point around that time. Anyway. Other things. Lately I have been feeling a reconnection to the world that I felt I lost after being pregnant and becoming a new mother. I have been spending a bit of time with friends here and there and it is just enough to remind me of how lucky I am. I have some wonderful friends in my life. Beautiful, beautiful people inside and out who mean so much to me and I am so glad to know them! And family…where would we be right now without them? We have gotten so much help over the last couple of years that I really don’t know where to begin with it. I can usually always find someone willing to lend and ear and so many of them has helped us out when we have been in a bind. I appreciate each of them so much! I’m so excited to be marrying Dan in 51 days! Although we have already begun our journey as a family, I know there are lots of awesome memories ahead for us and no matter what comes up we can get through it together!


Fat Belly’s.

A couple of weeks ago work had a party at a local pub- Fat Belly’s. It just so happened that I was on day 2 of my juice cleanse so I couldn’t enjoy all of the delicious food there. Buuut, there was karaoke and we got to watch and laugh along with everyone who had the guts to go up there and sing. It was pretty fun! On our way out we took this Pocketbooth photo. I am seriously in love with all of the photography apps on my iPhone! So many possibilities!


August 4th was Dan’s birthday and we left Max with the family and went to a restaurant we heard was goo in the area called The Chart Room. It was right on the beach we took some photos before going inside. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best, but we did get one single awesome together shot 🙂

I’m totally not into seafood but Dan is and he really wanted a Maine lobster on his birthday. I’ve never seen anyone dig into a lobster before. Wow…what a mess! I had awesome french onion soup and a big caesar salad. It was a tasty meal! Ahahaha, lobster bib. Hilarious.

Big Apple

We have officially joined the population. Not gonna lie, we feel pretty cool with our new phones. I am loving the Instagram app. AMAZING!

I’m sorry in advance if I get crazy with the Instagram photos. I am in love. In LOVE.

Wedding Obsession//Invitations

I am excited to say that we are commissioning an artist from Etsy to create our custom wedding invitations. They are going to be amazingly cute! We haven’t gotten the proofs yet because she is still designing them but we were super inspired by the invitations in her shop that look like vintage rock posters! See her shop, Inviting Moments, here.

We also had a bit of an early Mother’s Day over here! Dan surprised me with pretty flowers, a card, chocolates and a chocolate mousse cake. Umm….YUM. He wrapped everything in a really pretty patterned burlap bag he bought at Whole Foods that I’ve had my eye on. Some women like designer handbags, I like burlap bags. Whatevs. The chocolates are already gone and the mousse cake is on its way! I also received a couple of cards in the mail and my mom told me that a package is coming to me. I ❤ being a mom! I sent a whole slew of gifts out to all of Max’s g-mas yesterday. Max and I worked on them this week and they came out so cute! Each one is getting their own unique item. I hope they love them!