A couple of weeks ago I took a Saturday off work to go to the Rocktucket festival in Pawtucket. It was pretty fun! It ended up being a beautiful day and it was nice to be able to spend it together outside. Max’s g-ma Hayes came over and spent the day with Max and gave us a little day to ourselves. There was a stage set up for bands, tons of awesome food trucks (Jake’s Sweet Meat! Poco Loco Tacos! Umm…others, too!), booths selling screen printed tshirts, records, jewelery. On the outside (it was set up like 2 separate events) there was an arts festival, too with booths of people selling there wares. It was right by the river and dam so we got to hang out over there too and it was really nice! We got to see our friends bands play and bumped into lots of cool folks. It was a good day! Instagrams, galore 🙂


Acadia Drive.

A couple days after we got to Maine, my stepfather took us for a super long drive through Acadia and all the way to the top of Cadillac Mountain, through Bar Harbor, and back again. He is retired but is a bus driver in that area and he knows a lot about the history of different places and what’s going on there. He’s a pretty good tour guide! Maybe a little too in depth sometimes, but still, we got a lot of information! We stopped at Sand Beach to get some photos and check out the scenery. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t so great for sightseeing. Driving up the mountain, everything to either side of the road was in a pure white fog, so we didn’t get a chance to see anything. Maybe next time we visit it’ll be nice out so we can see the views!

Park evening.

My sister, Cadi had the awesome idea to bring all of the kids to the park after dinner one night to expel some energy. Since most of the little ones (including Max) passed out immediately after getting back to the camp, I’d say it was successful!

When stayed asleep until the next morning, so when I changed his diaper i found it was full of wood chips. His onesie was, too. He had fun!

Bar Harbor.

We went to Bar Harbor a couple of days before Dan left to drive home. It’s a major tourist spot with lots of shops with mostly really cheesy souvineers, but there are a couple of them that are pretty cool. The area around the water is really nice. There’s a grassy common area, water fountain, and lots of pretty boats to look at with great views! We only spent a couple of hours here because it was really hot that day and Max was getting heavy in the Beco carrier. Our stroller has deflated tires so we couldn’t use that (we’ve tried inflating them with a pump but no luck yet. It’s a mystery!) and Max is still crawling! We did get a few nice photos in, though!

Sunny Day.

On Wednesday afternoon we met with the lovely ladies of M. Studios Photography for our engagement photo session/family portraits. I was REALLY nervous before we got there. I am pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera and I didn’t know how my anxiety levels would make it through the experience. I also didn’t know how Max would deal with all of it. As it turned out, it was not uncomfortable at all and was actually really fun! Max got a little bit bothered at some points but for the most part he was hysterically happy! He really loved hamming it up for the camera. One of the photographers, Melissa, brought with her a bubble gun and Max LOVED the bubbles. It was the perfect distraction! The weather was perfect and we had a great time! We are so excited and can’t wait to see our photos! I know working with them at our wedding is going to be an easygoing, fun experience, too. While we waited for them (for like 5 minutes, we were early!) we took some Instagram photos. I can’t get enough of that iPhone app. Seriously. It’s a dream. Love, love, love it!

Park Afternoon.

The big park in front of our apartment is awesome. It’s the entire length of our street! There are paths, a playground (I heard a rumor today that it was going to be torn down and completely rebuilt so we’ll see! I bet it’ll be cool if that happens!), a big field area and a baseball/kickball field. There are always lots of people playing soccer there. The Providence Kickball League uses it for games every Saturday during the summer. It’s an all day thing and really fun to go and hang out. I’ve seen rec little league teams practicing there, too. The once a week farmer’s market is pretty neat. It’s not as big as some of the markets I’ve seen in food documentaries but it’s still cool and has a good variety. If you happen to not have any cash on you, you can stop by the main table and use your debit/credit card to purchase coins good for $5 that you can use at any of the booths. We happened to have 2 of them kicking around our apartment from a previous week so we grabbed those and headed over. First we checked out all of the tents. We wandered down to the end of them to our new favorite spot: De Las Olas taco truck! We kind of go there a lot. They use lots of local stuff. Dan always gets the fish burritos- they catch the fish themselves right here in RI. I always get the veggie and share it with Max. There are grilled sweet potatoes in them which are pretty amazing! After that we sat on our front steps and ate them, then crossed back over to the Like No Udder dessert truck. Everything they sell vegan/non-dairy. Versions of popular candy bars, shakes, and soft serve. 2 chocolate/vanilla twist soft serve cones later and we bought a cute little jar of local maple syrup with our coins. Towards the playground there was a band playing awesome music so we hung out there for about an hour and bumped into a few people we know. I really love our neighborhood!

Parks, grass, sunshine.

The three of us headed out the other day for pizza and a park outing. We went to India Point Park because we were already on the East Side. I lived in that area for a couple of years and really never ventured over there. I have no idea why, since it’s a really nice park, right on the water. Anyway, it was sunny and hot with the perfect breeze that would roll through at the perfect time. We set Max loose in a grassy area and let him go, wild and free. Well, not that wild and free. I chased after him…he was headed to the water. I don’t blame him! He LOVES to swing. He’s always so calm and peaceful while he’s hanging out on the swing set. He made lots of new friends with his coy smile. He really know how to win ’em over! I got in on the swinging myself. It was fun!