Four Songs I Love// Wedding Obsession

Today, two of my weekly features come together! Yay! The dj we hired for our wedding reception is an awesome local musician and he has a great collection of “solid gold oldies.” When we met with him to go over stuff he said that he really has tons of music and promised not to play anything cheesy, but to still play things everyone will generally love. He told us to put a list together of specific songs/times we want them played (such as our entrance, father/bride dance, mother/groom dance, cake cutting, or anything else we want). We haven’t worked out all of the details but here are a few songs we definitely want to dance to. I’ve included an extra song this week, just couldn’t resist!


Three Songs I Love// Labor Edition

When I was about a week past my estimated due date with Maxwell, I decided to make a playlist on our ipod for while I was in labor. I don’t have the official list anymore but I do remember a couple of the songs that were on it. I specifically remember where I was when I listened to each in our bedroom during labor. So much was to come! I remember laying in our bed on my right side, surrounded by pillows, rocking back and forth inside and out of my own head. It was difficult and it was incredible!

She looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing.

Yes, my skin is clear and you can see what I’m thinking. I’m thinking hard about all the things I’ve been dreaming. I’ve been dreaming about you, and only you.

I’ll be rootin’ for you like my favorite team. If somebody sweats you, you just point ’em out to me.

Three Songs I Love// High School Edition

I decided to take a trip down memory lane. A lot of things have been bringing me back to my childhood and teenage years lately and I’ve found that a few people that were in some (even small) part of my life back then have resurfaced in this city. Maybe they were here all along and I just didn’t notice. It’s kind of good in a way, to see how everyone has grown. But also, a little strange, too, like my own personal twilight zone. I listened to some pretty awful music back then, but there were a few good ones in the mix that I have hung onto and can honestly say I still love, like friends who are always by your side, through thick and thin. Here are 3 bands I rocked out to all alone in my bedroom for hours on end!

I could have posted a million more, but it was getting out of hand so I kept it to my usual three. I did come across some I haven’t given a listen to in years- that was weird. But good. Enjoy!

Three Songs I Love

Oh I could sail the world
Search through the darkest waters but
I’d never find
These golden eyes

What can you do
I always heard that what is done is done
El cielo es azul
Just don’t go telling everyone

I want to be forgotten,
and I don’t want to be reminded.
You say “please don’t make this harder.”
No, I won’t yet