Wedding instagrams.

While we were setting up I took a few instagrams of tables and displays and such at Bittersweet Farm where our wedding was held. I wish I had gotten a few of just Dan and I before were were introduced at our reception, but I was in high stress mode and it didn’t cross my mind. I kind of feel bad that I let some family drama take over my thoughts for so much that day, I wish I hadn’t. But…oh well, it was still an amazing day! Here are the instagrams I took though…we saw a sneak peek of one of our wedding photos and now we are super excited to see the rest of them!

Back of the loft where our ceremony was held! I made those raffia monogram letters! I love how they came out!

Front of the loft! My lovely bridesmaids and I hung all of the decorations over a hutch that was already in the room. I cut out all of the leaves and hand stitched each one to twine. I’m thinking of cutting them into smaller strands and hanging close together across the bottom half of my living room windows, sort of like curtains!

Guestbook table! I hung wire and used mini clothespins to hang photos from Dan’s childhood and mine, kind of like a timeline. Underneath is the guestbook! I made ours by covering a blank sketchbook with thrifted lace and putting one of our engagement photos inside on the first page with kraft paper photo corners. I used old letter and number stamps (they were my mom’s as a kid!) to stamp our names and our wedding date inside as well. There are still a lot of pages left after the messages and love notes from all of our guests, so I am planning to use photo corners to put the rest of our engagement photos and wedding photos (when we get them!) in there, too! I think it”ll be really sweet to have all of that in one place- something we can look through on our anniversary each year!

Photobooth! I almost forgot about these! We’re pretty excited to see all of the photobooth photos, too! I bet there are some hilarious ones in there! To make the props, I cut mustaches, lips, bow ties and a monocle out of poster board and patterned scrapbook paper and hot glued black painted dowels to the backs. Easy! I used a vintage bread tin from a yard sale to hold mason jars with props inside. The lace was thrifted and just used to drape and make it look a little more put together. The little cups were thrifted, too. Love the colored glass!

Program! One of my awesome bridesmaids made this awesome program! It kept falling down and I’m not sure what happened but I don’t think a lot of people saw it which is a shame because it’s really cute! The little easel came from IKEA.

Centerpieces! My bridesmaids were amazing and set pretty much everything up! A couple of their fellas were there and helped a lot, too! There are antique books under all of the jar clusters. To decorate the jars I cut up thrifted lace curtains into strips and tied twine around the middle of the lace into a bow to hold it in place. For flowers we had babies breath and crespedia. I love how simple and rustic it looks. Ahh, my vision came to life! The frames were $1 from Michael’s- my sister helped me and painted them all gray and them I just painted the numbers inside.

Bittersweet Farm- the main dining room! In the midst of setting everything up, I took this one from the loft balcony. This place is beautiful, seriously. Those exposed beams? Gorgeous! We are thinking we should go back there for dinner once a year each November. That’s all of the instagrams I have! Boo! I really wish I had used the Pocketbooth app to take some photobooth strips or something while we had time. Dan suggested we could still get all dressed up if we wanted and take them. No one has to know, haha. Even though I just told you. But I feel like it’s not the same since it isn’t our wedding day anymore? Maaaaybe we still will, though….for fun!


Right now.

I haven’t been posting as much lately…too much going on, or just plain exhausted! Max is working on cutting his last tooth (until he gets those “two year molars”…) and has not been sleeping very well, which means neither have we! His naps are off and on as well. I have to say though, I have had many well-meaning advice-givers come to me with tips on how to get him to sleep, ever since last year. What I have found is that none of that really worked with Max. He is highly sensitive (not like me or anything…HA!) and those methods just didn’t work for us at all. For awhile cosleeping for us had become a good habit, something we all could deal with, but now it has once again reverted to being quite exhausting- buuut it’s the only way Max will sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time right now. Other Max stuff….he says things! He says, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” and, “Woooooow!” It’s…adorable! Yesterday he learned how to play peekaboo himself and thinks its hilarious how surprised I look when he uncovers his eyes, tehe! I’m really loving this new stage he is growing into!

Wedddddddding stuff! We are getting married in……..38 days! Oh my gosh! Really soon! Most everything is done. Still a few things I have been putting off though, but I’ll finish them! A couple days ago I spent alllllll day working on bunting banners for different tables at the wedding. I used antique book pages and cut into flags, then painted the words on. I have to get some twine and punch holes/string the flags on still. I love the way they turned out!

Anyway, after our wedding I’ll probably have a million posts about it (when I have time!) and then go back to mostly Max-related stuff. Because he’s cute. And awesome. Yup. 🙂

Wedding Obsession// The real truth.

A featured wedding on Ruffledblog today included this quote from the bride:

The day of will be perfect no matter what goes “wrong.” If at the end of it all you’re married to the person you love, it was a success.

That could not be said any better! I have a lot of worries about our wedding day. My family and friends know this all too well! But really, I am beyond excited and happy to be marrying the love of my life! I know it’s going to be amazing and we are going to be recapping memories from this big day for the rest of our lives! I do love that man of mine!

Wedding Obsession// Countdown and pretty hair!

There are 54 more days until our wedding! Beyond excited! There are still a few things (kind of a lot but I won’t list it all here, and not to worry, its mostly little odds and ends) left to finish up. Over the weekend we worked out a lot of the details of the morning of the wedding. Since we have already embarked on the whole having-kids thing and two of my bridesmaids have kiddos, it makes for creative juggling to figure out how everyone is going to get ready, but I think I’ve figured it out! Our wedding night is also going to be Max’s first sleepover at Grammy’s. What a milestone! I remember my first sleepover at my Goofla’s. Both of my sisters and my brother were there, too. I remember having a ball! Yesterday we also finally decided on gifts for everyone in the wedding party, and the main part of my bridesmaids gifts arrived in the mail. They are exactly what I was looking for and I hope they are liked! My dress fitting is on Thursday and I am just hoping, hoping, hoping that it still fits. Seriously, my weight loss plan didn’t exactly pan out. The last few months have been a classic case of workout/diet sterotypes and it’s pretty sad to say the least. I do still want to get back on all of that. I don’t really know whats stopping me. But anyway. Here are some super pretty wedding hair ideas. I’m looking for simple, waves, and braids. And of course the fasincator I have to make. Sorry for not having the source information for these. Most of the came from Style Me Pretty and Ruffledblog as usual!

A Beautiful Mess has a really great tutorial on how to style maiden braids. I kind of half-attempted this one day but then Max wanted to play, and he’s really hard to say no to. So I stopped. I think part of me wants long hair simply to be able to have the ability to do this. The key to styling your hair, especially with braids, is to start with hair that was NOT just washed. A day or two after a wash is perfect. Your hair will have the perfect amount of oils and buildup to keep a good hold on any style. Really looking forward to experimenting with all of these styles! Bobby pin central, here I come.

Wedding Obsession// Shoes!

Oh, shoes! I love them so much! Dan doesn’t understand this fascination. He has 4 pairs I think. 2 pairs of sneakers, flip flops, and dress shoes. Silly guy! I’ve had such  hard time finding wedding shoes. I’m really picky about everything and I kept seeing awesome pairs on wedding blogs and couldn’t figure our where they came from or they were super expensive and I’m on a tight budget here! My requirements for wedding shoes were: low heel (or a kitten heel), a fun color, possible a peep toe heel. I also didn’t want anything shiny, white/ivory, with rhinestones, beading, wedges, etc. I finally found a reasonably priced pair that I like! I’ve been mulling this pair over for a week or 2 now but I need to bring the shoes I plan to wear to my dress fitting at the end of the month so it was starting to become a now or never thing. I ordered them online on Friday and I can only hope they are as cute in person, but here they are!

I love the color! Mustard yellow! So pretty! All of the bridesmaids (except for the junior bridesmaids) will be wearing mustard yellow shoes. Yay! I can’t wait til they arrive at my doorstep!

Wedding Obsession// Anxiety!

There are only 80 days until our wedding. EIGHTY DAYS, PEOPLE! I am starting to go into panic mode. Did I say starting? If you know me in person then you know I have always been in panic mode. This is nothing new, oh no. But it has really kicked in lately. I’m not sure why. Although yesterday being September reminds me that we are just about into fall which means it’s just around the corner! I love fall. It’s my favorite season! Dan and I met in the fall, the weather is perfect…something just feels so right about those short couple of months before the cold air really seeps in. I am really looking forward to squeezing in as much autumn fun as possible this year! Apple and pumpkin picking are typical but last year is the first time we’d done those things together as a family, and things I rarely did in the past. I’m really looking forward to all of the Instagram photos we’ll have from these things! I might overdo it on the Instagram. Almost all of our photos now are from that app. I love it so much! I try to take photos with our Nikon, too, but it doesn’t happen as often.

Anyway, back to wedding anxiety. There’s still kind of a lot to do…I think? My to do list is something like: Put the finishing touches on cake topper, put cake stand together, put finishing touches on guest book, scrub sticky labels off of a million jars, finish making a few signs, finish making the monogram letter decorations, make my hairpiece, gifts for the bridal party, make one more last minute boutonniere (woops!), wire up jars for the aisle seats, shoes for me, shoes for Dan, pants/shoes/bow tie for Max, menus, programs, favors, oh and ya know…the rest of the deposits we owe. Seriously, I passed on a lot of ideas I really liked because it was getting too out of hand! It sounds like a lot, but in reality some of those things can be finished in a matter of minutes, I’ve just been putting it off as usual!

Things we did this week: picked out the readings that my friend Kate and Dan’s brother Dave will be reading at the ceremony, decided on something really awesome that I want to make for Dan (its a surprise and I will not be talking about it here until after the wedding, sorry!)…actually…I think that’s all I did this week. I did pick out shoes for myself, just have to buy them! Oh, and Dan painted all of these awesome frames we’re going to use for signage. They are so pretty! Well, I guess I better get off of the internet and get some things done!


Four Songs I Love// Wedding Obsession

Today, two of my weekly features come together! Yay! The dj we hired for our wedding reception is an awesome local musician and he has a great collection of “solid gold oldies.” When we met with him to go over stuff he said that he really has tons of music and promised not to play anything cheesy, but to still play things everyone will generally love. He told us to put a list together of specific songs/times we want them played (such as our entrance, father/bride dance, mother/groom dance, cake cutting, or anything else we want). We haven’t worked out all of the details but here are a few songs we definitely want to dance to. I’ve included an extra song this week, just couldn’t resist!