Wedding Obsession// Bunting DIY

Buntings/banners. I LOVE THEM! If you haven’t heard of these, you may remember them as the colorful plastic triangle garlands at car washes/gas stations and used automobile lots. Over the last couple of years they’ve gained crazy popularity at birthday parties and weddings. They’re no longer the lame-o vinyl banners of the past. Now they’re made from wool felt, pretty paper, fabric, and more. I made one to decorate the staircase at our wedding venue out of vintage handkerchiefs. I sourced mine from Ebay! You can usually score big lots of them for not-t0o-much money.

First I washed them all by hand all at once in my kitchen sink. I let them soak awhile and then I drained the water, rinsed and wrung each one out by hand, then hung to dry on my wooden drying rack. I suppose if you had a washer/dryer you could wash them that way on a delicate cycle and dry on low, but I don’t have my own washer and dryer (laundromat- ugh!) so this worked just fine for me. They were dry in just a couple of hours. After that (more like days later when I got sick of looking at them hanging there) I ironed each one in half into a triangle shape. Then I just tied the corners together, trying to colorblock a little bit. Easy peasy! I used exactly 38 of them. A couple of the other ones I had were very sheer and lightweight so they didn’t hold their triangle shape once tied. Solution? Give them to Max to play with. He LOVES them! I was worried that my bunting wouldn’t be long enough but it’s actually really long so I think it’ll work out perfectly. Another project to cross off my list! I’m currently still collecting glass jars and bottles (thank you to everyone who has been saving them for me!) and I’m on the hunt for a ton of old books.